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Clear muscle next gen - 84 liquid softgels

Clear Muscle Next Gen by Muscletech is a sports supplement that offers you a great protein synthesis, superior performance, and even more strength and resistance. Get spectacular muscles thanks to all of its virtues that will increase your performance during training, to counteract any possibility of degradation, and to recover in a short time.

    Clear Muscle Next Gen by Muscletech is the secret of the best professionals to increase muscle, improve performance, endurance and strength. Do you want to try an advanced supplement? This is the product you should try!

    Clear Muscle Next Gen by Muscletech is a sports supplement designed to increase your muscle capacity. It contains an exclusive component called BetaTOR® which is a derivative of leucine and HMB (hydroxymethylbutyrate), which extends the synthesis of proteins in the body and at the same time, it inhibits muscle breakdown.

    Main characteristics of Clear Muscle Next Gen by Muscletech

    • It increases protein synthesis.
    • It improves recovery.
    • It increase strength and endurance.
    • It expands physical performance.

    What is in each shot of Clear Muscle Next Gen by Muscletech?

    Clear Muscle Next Gen by Muscletech comes in a boat that contains 84 supplement softgels.

    Each one has the following characteristics:

    • It has 1000mg of BetaTOR®.
    • It includes 250mg of anhydrous betaine.

    Benefits of Clear Muscle Next Gen by Muscletech

    Clear Muscle Next Gen by Muscletech is the sports supplement you need to improve your muscles you always wanted to have. This formula contains an exclusive ingredient called BetaTOR® that combines leucine, an abundant amino acid present in the body with HMB (hydroxymethylbutyrate). This increases the synthesis of proteins in the body, a process in which it also prevents the possibility of muscle breakdown. This also entails greater resilience, more strength, more resistance and greater physical performance. This advanced ingredient will allow you to achieve an incredible toning and growth.

    You will have everything you need with Clear Muscle Next Gen by Muscletech in order to have an intensive training. You should add proteins to your body to be stronger and to have really big muscles. Specifically, you need a great protein synthesis, which makes possible to have amino acids in your body, that is why they are fundamental elements for muscle building. They have to be present in order to regenerate and repair tissues, and so that, help your muscles to grow in volume and strength. Add this supplement to your sports diet because it will profoundly improve the synthesis of this nutrient.

    You can get great results with Clear Muscle Next Gen by Muscletech. In a study with a group of volunteers, half of them were given BetaTOR®, and a placebo was given to the other half. Both groups performed the same weight training for 12 days. The result indicated that the first group increased 7.4 kilos of muscle mass, while the second one only 2.08 kg.

    This study about this specialized supplement for muscle mass building shows you how incredible the results are.

    How is Clear Muscle Next Gen taken?

    • Take 1 capsule at breakfast, 1 at lunch and 1 at dinner.
    • For training days take 1 capsule just half an hour before exercising.
    • The daily recommended dose is 3 capsules.
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