Combat casein is an absolute source of protein created by MusclePharm. This dietary supplement is digested slowly and has action over a sustained period of time. Combat casein from MusclePharm provides the muscles with the amino acids needed for proper a muscle synthesis process, thereby facilitating the regeneration and growth of muscles.

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Combat casein from MusclePharm contains micellar casein, which is the source of protein that should be consumed before bedtime. The casein protein is a slowly digestible substance, which has an effect that lasts up to 7 hours; period in which muscles feed from amino acids needed for the synthesis of muscle tissue. Combat casein from MusclePharm provides a powerful anti-catabolic effect, which stimulates the maintenance of muscle tissue. This product has an advanced formula with micellar casein protein by 100% and achieves to nourish muscles during the sleep period.

Moreover, Combat casein from MusclePharm contains a combination of added digestive enzymes. It is free of gluten. It is a product that provides energy, proteins, carbohydrates, sodium and potassium. It also contains calcium, iron and other ingredients as micellar casein, cocoa powder, natural and artificial flavor, inulin, sea salt, guar gum, xanthan gum, cellulose gum, potassium acesulfame, sucralose and protease, lactase. MusclePharm recommends mixing one tablespoon of Combat casein with 220-280 milliliters of water, milk, fruit juice or your favorite beverage.

Combat casein can be taken before bedtime or between meals to provide the body with slow digestion proteins. It is a dietary supplement that has ingredients derived from milk and soy. Combat casein from MusclePharm is a sports supplement that works overtime to rebuild muscle tissue during the sleep period. It is a source of protein that acts overnight, to achieve optimal results out of daily workouts.

Combat casein has a digestive enzyme that stimulates the repair and rebuilding of muscle tissue while the body rests. It has a prolonged action, that is, that even if you're not eating for hours, the muscles continue to feed optimally. This product is digested slowly, providing valuable amino acids for seven hours or so. For this reason it is the ideal protein to be consumed before sleeping hours.

Combat casein from MusclePharm also stimulates a faster recovery process, so that workouts can be more intense and thus better results can be achieved.

This sports supplement can be consumed by people following a training or an intense one and need a powerful source of proteins on nights. It can also be consumed by athletes who need to improve recovery time and optimize overall performance.

Combat casein from MusclePharm is ideal to be ingested at night, as a source of protein. It is a sports nutrition supplement with high quality proteins, which acts during sleep. 

The slowly digestible protein acts during a long time and prevents degradation of muscles.

Reviews Combat casein - 1.8kg

  • 07/23/2017

Buen producto yo particularmente me la tomo justo antes de dormir y la Verdad que hasta hoy me está funcionando bastante bien

    • 07/14/2017

    Muy buen producto relacion calidad precio...buen sabor buena disolucion para ser una caseina..imprescindible para antes de dormir

      • 05/18/2016

      como han cambiado los tiempos, y pensar que antes nos tomábamos los batidos sin respirar para no tener que pensar en el sabor... muy rica y efectiva. recomendable

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