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Regulax - 30 sachets

Regulax from Mundo Natural is a food supplement that is mainly composed of plant extracts, enzymes and fiber, which are combined synergistically to promote health and the optimal functioning of bowel transit.

    Regulax from Mundo Natural is the combination of enzymes, plant extracts and fiber that will help you improve your intestinal health naturally and effectively.

    Regulax from Mundo Natural is a product that provides a wide range of action on intestinal health, since each of its components have been selected for their recognized properties. Regulax from Mundo Natural has been in charge of enhancing these properties, so that each of its components acts synergistically to provide the best results. Regulax from Mundo Natural can promote the normal development of gut flora and improve at the same time the way in which faces are eliminated, improving the lubrication and hydration of the bowel, favoring its peristaltic movements.

    Its fiber content is capable of improving the gut transit, avoiding complications such as constipation or inflamed intestine. Regulax from Mundo Natural is a 100% natural product, so its consumption is safer and without risks for costumer.

    What is Regulax from Mundo Natural?

    • Food supplement that significantly improves gut transit.
    • Provides fiber with great water absorption capacity.
    • Stimulates optimal development of gut flora.
    • Helps lubricate the intestinal mucosa.
    • Promotes increased peristaltic movements by helping to advance the fecal bolus more easily.
    • Ideal to fight and prevent constipation.
    • Increases the volume of the fecal impaction decreasing its viscosity.
    • Does not irritate the walls of the intestine.
    • Greatly facilitates evacuation.
    • Generates no intestinal dependency.
    • Has a regulating effect in low doses.
    • Has laxative effect in high doses.
    • Contains no gluten, dairy, soy or artificial ingredients.

    Composition of Regulax from Mundo Natural:

    Regulax from Mundo Natural is a food supplement that comes in practical sachets that you can dissolve in water to easily bring all its properties and beneficial ingredients of its formula to your body in an easy and simple way.

    The ingredients included in Regulax from Mundo Natural are Plantago psyllium powder, oat bran, fennel, tamarind, among other plant extracts. It also contains inulin, vitamin A and a proprietary enzyme complex with Digezyme technology.

    Content per dose (2 sachets):

    • 7000 mg of Plantago psyllium powder.
    • 3000 mg of inulin.
    • 900 mg of fennel.
    • 400 mg of tamarind dry extract.
    • 10 mg of vitamin A.
    • 400 mg of mallow.
    • 50 mg of Digezyme enzyme complex.
    • 100 mg of rhubarb.

    Why should you take Regulax from Mundo Natural?

    Regulax from Mundo Natural is a food supplement of natural origin that is designed to improve health and the intestinal function, helping the optimal development of the gut flora, improving the evacuation, in order to improve the gut transit and avoid irritation of the intestine walls. It also maximizes digestion, notably minimizing the transit time within of the intestine.

    Regulax from Mundo Natural is especially ideal for people who suffer from constipation, people with lazy intestines or intestinal irritation. It is ideal for people seeking a non-aggressive laxative, to fight lack of appetite, flatulence and people with some other digestive function abnormalities.

    Recommended use of Regulax from Mundo Natural:

    • As a food supplement, dissolve the content of 2 sachets in a glass of water.
    • Take the dose daily.
    • Take the dose in the morning.
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