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Oricontrol - 60 capsulas

Oricontrol from Mundo Natural is a dietary supplement based on pumpkin seed extract, which is strongly recommended for urinary incontinence, preventing urine loss caused by stress. It also helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles, control the sphincters, as well as improve the health of the urinary tract, thus make this product important to obtain the general well-being that you are longing for.

    Get the maximum well-being you really deserve thanks to the consumption of the amazing Oricontrol from Mundo Natural, an efficient dietary supplement that will help you prevent the urine loss caused by stress.

    Oricontrol from Mundo Natural is a great high-quality dietary supplement made from 100% natural pumpkin seed extract obtained under meticulous and innovative methods. Oricontrol from Mundo Natural is strongly recommended to prevent women´s urine loss caused by stress, helping to strengthen the pelvic muscles and at the same time control the sphincters. Oricontrol from Mundo Natural is essential for those people suffering from urinary incontinence. Plus, Oricontrol from Mundo Natural helps prevent prostate inflammation or growth, making it pivotal to keep the health of the urinary tract in ideal conditions, since these disorders can end up in much more serious diseases that threaten your health and life.

    Main characteristics of Oricontrol from Mundo Natural:

    • Product made from 100% natural pumpkin seeds extract.
    • Effective in preventing urine loss caused by stress in women.
    • Helps to strengthen the pelvic muscles.
    • Helps control the sphincters.
    • Improves the health of the urinary tract.
    • Helps to prevent inflammation or growth of the prostate.
    • Easy to take and quickly absorbed.
    • 100% natural product.

    Composition of Oricontrol from Mundo Natural:

    This spectacular dietary supplement comes in maximum absorption capsules which offer their benefits with greater effectiveness, since they are quickly absorbed in the body. Likewise, this product contains an ideal amount of high-quality pumpkin seed extract which makes Oricontrol from Mundo Natural more reliable when ingesting.

    Content per recommended daily serving (2 capsules):

    • 1000 mg of pumpkin-curcubite pepo seed dry extract (20% of fatty acids).

    Benefits of Oricontrol from Mundo Natural:

    Oricontrol from Mundo Natural provides a wonderful formula that makes this product ideal for frequent consumption, since it contributes to improving your health considerably. It is an effective and strongly recommended product to help avoid urinary incontinence, especially in women who lose urine due to stress, so it is essential to provide you with the well-being you are really looking for, as this can lead to more serious situations that may affect your physical and even mental health. Oricontrol from Mundo Natural also works to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis, helps prevent prostate inflammation in men, and contributes to controlling the sphincters, among other properties that will give you maximum satisfaction after consumption.

    Oricontrol from Mundo Natural is perfect for anyone who wants to improve their health considerably, especially for those suffering from stress-caused incontinence problems. It is a 100% natural dietary supplement which helps in your balanced diet and your healthy lifestyle.

    Recommended daily use (two capsules) of this amazing Oricontrol from Mundo Natural:
    • Take two (2) capsules.
    • Take one (1) in the morning and one (1) at night
    • Take two (2) times a day.
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