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Neocys - 30 capsules

Neocys from Mundo Natural is a natural food supplement based on American cranberry, hibiscus and black currant, which contain extraordinary healthy properties. It improves the health of the urinary tract, thus preventing and fighting infections, and avoiding bacteria reproducing on the bladder walls.

    Keep your urinary tract healthy and free of infections and bacteria by taking the excellent properties of Neocys from Mundo Natural!

    The urinary tract is an important health issue. It is a system made up of a set of organs that help eliminate waste accumulated in the blood through urine. The fact that this process is carried out normally is very important for health, since when suffering a complication, it can cause damage and disease.

    Neocys from Mundo Natural is a product formulated to treat and improve the health of the urinary tract, and for this it makes use of a powerful formula made from 100% natural ingredients whose properties and benefits for this aspect have already been proven.

    This is the case of the American cranberry, black currant and the hibiscus extract, which combine to form an excellent barrier against infections, bacteria and other complications that may crop up in the urinary tract system.

    Nutrition facts of Neocys from Mundo Natural:

    • 100% natural, safe and effective product.
    • Improves the health of the urinary tract.
    • Provides antibacterial properties.
    • Prevents bacteria from colonizing and reproducing on the bladder walls.
    • Provides an excellent anti-inflammatory effect.
    • Helps to treat diseases such as cystitis.
    • Helps increase urine output.
    • Contributes to improved kidney health.
    • Provides a 100% natural content of vitamin C.
    • Due to its all-natural ingredients, Neocys from Mundo Natural contains flavonoids and polyphenols.
    • Can be used for gout treatments.
    • Contains no artificial ingredients.

    Ingredients and format of Neocys from Mundo Natural:

    Neocys from Mundo Natural is a food supplement that comes in comfortable capsules so that the user can administer the doses in a simple and precise way in each intake.

    The main ingredients of Neocys from Mundo Natural, as we have already seen, are the 100% natural extract of the American cranberry, the black currant extract and the hibiscus extract. It also contains magnesium stearate and silicon dioxide for the composition of its capsules.

    Content per capsule:

    • 288 mg of bilberry extract.
    • 125 mg of black currant extract.
    • 37.5 mg of hibiscus extract.

    What is achieved by taking Neocys from Mundo Natural?

    Neocys from Mundo Natural is a product formulated to provide an effective food supplement for treating and improving the health of the urinary tract. Its components combine antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties with vitamin C and other elements that help to keep the urinary system healthy and protected from bacteria and some diseases.

    Neocys from Mundo Natural is perfect for any adult person who wants to keep their urinary tract healthy. It is ideal for people suffering from cystitis, infections or inflammations in the urinary system.

    How to take Neocys from Mundo Natural?

    • As a food supplement, take 1 capsule of Neocys from Mundo Natural.
    • Take the dose preferably out of meals.
    • Take the dose of Neocys from Mundo Natural every single day.
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