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GastroPlus - 20 vials

GastroPlus from Mundo Natural is a food supplement made from aloe vera, a plant that has natural purifying and regenerating properties to benefit the different systems of the body, mainly the functioning of the digestive system in general. It is recommended for amateur or professional athletes.

    Live a healthier life by taking GastroPlus from Mundo Natural, a 100% natural food supplement that favors your delicate digestive system to obtain a better absorption of nutrients.

    GastroPlus from Mundo Natural is a food supplement that helps to have a better functioning and performance of the digestive system, being the area where proteins and other nutrients from food are well assimilated. It supports the prevention of difficulties related to this process, achieving a balance in this vital body system, among other benefits.

    Now, GastroPlus from Mundo Natural is made from aloe vera gel, a 100% natural ingredient from the plant itself, which has wonderful characteristics for benefiting your health, whose selection and handling are done by taking care of and maintaining its properties.

    What is GastroPlus from Mundo Natural?

    • Food supplement.
    • Made from aloe vera gel.
    • Provides purifying properties.
    • Contributes to the digestive process.
    • Favors the absorption of nutrients.
    • Helps prevent gastrointestinal disorders.
    • Ideal for adult people.
    • Recommended for amateur and professional athletes.

    What does each serving of GastroPlus from Mundo Natural provide?

    GastroPlus from Mundo Natural comes in easy-to-swallow and quick dissolved vials. It has a container that favors its consumption and helps to keep the properties of its content in excellent conditions.

    Content per dose (1 vial):

    • 5000 mg of aloe vera.
    • 309.6 mg of tricalcium phosphate.
    • 12 mg of vitamin C, among other 100% natural ingredients.

    What is the benefits of GastroPlus from Mundo Natural?

    GastroPlus from Mundo Natural supports overall health and the digestive process, where proteins, carbs, starches and fats are digested in the body through food or by consuming nutritional supplements, thus achieving a better absorption of nutrients and the proper functioning.

    It is important to mention that it is necessary to have a healthy digestive system that works properly to have a better state of health, preventing the presence of discomforts that may interfere with daily activities, whether at work, school, sports or any type of leisure activity.

    In addition, this amazing and extraordinary GastroPlus from Mundo Natural helps to regenerate tissues affected by the heartburn, among other stages the digestive system must meet to achieve a healthy life.

    GastroPlus from Mundo Natural is perfect for any adult person, woman or man, who wants or needs to improve their digestive process and, consequently, their general health, thus preventing some type of inconvenience.

    In this regard, GastroPlus from Mundo Natural can be taken by amateur and professional athletes who must necessarily assimilate adequately and efficiently all nutrients for a better physical and sports performance.

    How to take GastroPlus from Mundo Natural?

    • As a food supplement, dilute 1 vial of GastroPlus from Mundo Natural with half a glass of water (75 ml).
    • Take GastroPlus from Mundo Natural before lunch or dinner.
    • Take GastroPlus from Mundo Natural once a day.
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