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Gourmet Oatmeal - 2.2 kg

Gourmet Oatmeal from MTX Elite Nutrition is an exquisite cereal made of the most nutritious oats. Using this product, you can prepare the most substantial recipes, with hardly any sugar. In addition, this rich powder is incredibly convenient to mix with egg and thus prepare tasty snacks. Plus, this product provides your body with progressive-absorption carbohydrates and a lot protein.

    Gourmet Oatmeal from MTX Elite Nutrition is as good as oats, that is, full of energy, protein and fiber.

    Gourmet Oatmeal from MTX Elite Nutrition is a tasty food based on oats that you can use to make your favorite dishes, such as pancakes, biscuits, cookies and more. By eating this product, you will be providing your body with slow-absorption energy and protein, with hardly any sugar content.

    Gourmet Oatmeal from MTX Elite Nutrition is a delicious powdered product that you can use to prepare foods suitable for athletes, such as fresh and tasty oatmeal. You can benefit from this product if you lead an active lifestyle, because it offers an adequate and complete contribution of very substantial nutritional qualities to optimize your physical performance at the highest level.

    In general, Gourmet Oatmeal from MTX Elite Nutrition is essentially composed of complex carbohydrates, which are absorbed progressively and provides you with a source of lasting and stable vitality. In this way, you can perform your training routines with all the energy. In addition, oatmeal is magnificently valued for its richness in vegetable protein, thus being highly recommended for athletes who want to improve their protein intake and thus collaborate even more with the proper maintenance of their muscle mass.

    In addition, it contains fiber, which is excellent to improve your satiety during the day, and thus keep the appetite at bay with great ease. In this way, it is a food incredibly beneficial for your diet, as it helps to live on a healthy and well-balanced diet. Plus, this product has almost no sugar, so neither it does make you put on weight nor is unfavorable for definition stages, where you need to reduce the caloric percentage of your appetizing foods.

    To your surprise, Gourmet Oatmeal from MTX Elite Nutrition can be used to prepare practically any food you want, which would be ideal to eat before training, at breakfast, lunch or dinner. In fact, this food is so versatile that it is perfect to cook your favorite recipes, by mixing it with egg, such as oatmeal cookies, pancakes, biscuits, muffins, etc.

    Facts of Gourmet Oatmeal from MTX Elite Nutrition:

    • Rich in complex carbohydrates, with low glycemic index.
    • Provides quality vegetable proteins.
    • Contribute to the nutrition of your muscles and body.
    • Improves your nutrition by helping to balance your diet.
    • Very low in sugar.
    • Soft and thin oatmeal, perfect to mix.
    • Delicious and magnificent taste.

    A food of high nutritional value that is convenient for sport diets. Therefore, you should prepare your meals with Gourmet Oatmeal from MTX Elite Nutrition. It will help you to eat and perform properly.

    Recommended use: dissolve, according to the recipe to prepare, a few tablespoons of Gourmet Oatmeal from MTX Elite Nutrition in your preparations (pancakes, cookies, creams, biscuits, etc.). Ideal for breakfast, snack, or between meals.

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