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Genetor - 3.5 kg

Genetor by MTX Elite Nutrition is a nutritional formula created especially for sportspeople with mesomorphic body characteristics in muscle mass gain. You will see how it helps you to gain strength and how it enhances body definition. It will provide you with the perfect ratio of proteins and carbohydrates, together with different nutrients.

    Genetor by MTX Elite Nutrition is an amazing formula that helps to increase muscle mass. Excellent generator with great results!

    Genetor by MTX Elite Nutrition is a supplement that contains everything you need to build muscle, strength and body definition. It contains micellar casein, a concentration of serum protein, and whey protein isolate that cover your amino acid requirements.

    Low osmolarity and high muscle weight amylopectin has been included, along with KreAlakalyn® which is a patented creatine of excellent quality. It also contains healthy fats like Omega 3 and a full dose of vitamins and minerals that are excellent for promoting the assimilation of all its virtues. Its consumption helps you to gain body volume, without increasing fat stores.

    You will have great muscle mass and strength with Genetor by MTX. Its active components of amino acids, high quality carbohydrates, minerals, healthy oils and vitamins, make it easier to achieve your goals in the gym. It will give you all the daily calories you need in order to have great energy and vitality. It has the perfect combination of proteins and carbohydrates that will allow you to achieve a physical growth. It is an excellent supplement for those who practise strength disciplines such as bodybuilding, boxing, weightlifting or powerlifting. It offers an enviable muscle strengthening for all types of sportspeople.

    You should try a supplement like Genetor by MTX Elite Nutrition, if you want to reinforce your protein needs. It is a complete supplement which can replace one of the main meals, as it contains an excellent level of amino acids. In this way you will have better nutrition, more elements to strengthen your body and even more energy. It may be what allows you to perform with more strength in a very accelerated lifestyle. It tastes delicious as it has been sweetened with Splenda®, a dietary sweetener as delicious as sugar, but lacking in calories. It even offers multiple nutrients ideal for endurance sports athletes.

    Genetor by MTX Elite Nutrition features per dose (87g):

    These values ​​may change according to its flavour.

    • It provides 334.32 Kcal.
    • It provides 35.55g of carbohydrates.
    • It contains 45.63g of protein.
    • It has 3.80g of fat.
    • It contains 3000mg of KreAlkalyn®.
    • It includes 6000mg of glutamine.
    • It has 4500mg of Leucine.
    • Contributes with 1500mg of Lysine.
    • It provides 1400mg of Arginine.

    Genetor by MTX Elite Nutrition is a very valuable aid for muscle mass improvement, strength and body definition. Take advantage of its benefits to improve your physical capacity, which it is possible thanks to the combination of f high quality and efficiency ingredients. It includes good quality proteins and carbohydrates, along with patented creatine called KreAlkalyn®, glutamine, minerals and vitamins that ensure the benefits of this formula in your body.

    Recommended use: dissolve 87g (3 measures of the dispenser) in 300 ml of water. Have it half an hour after your training. 

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