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Casein from MTX Elite Nutrition is a wonderful product made from pure high-quality casein, a milk protein that is found in 80% of its composition. It is of slow digestion, a characteristic that makes it perfect to combat the muscle catabolism, which worries athletes a lot. It is also highly beneficial because it provides nutrients and amino acids.

    Casein from MTX Elite Nutrition provides you with an important source of nutrients that will help you perform much more by helping you efficiently achieve your goals.

    The prestigious MTX Elite Nutrition brand has developed a high-quality product made from pure casein, a slow-absorbing protein specially designed to be used as a supplement before prolonged fasting, since it is composed of a total isolate of fresh milk protein with an 80% of micellar casein and 20% of calcium caseinate.

    It is ideal for consumption between main meals. It is also perfect to consume as a last meal before bedtime, during long workdays or during competition trips. It is a slow-digestion protein, which makes it perfect to prevent muscle injuries.

    This micellar casein forms a gel in the stomach that produces a slow digestion. As a result, it provides sustained but slow release of amino acids into the bloodstream, which lasts several hours and provides the body with better nitrogen retention and use. Casein from MTX Elite Nutrition accelerates the recovery and processes of muscle hypertrophy during sleep, maintains muscle size during trips or long hours, builds muscle mass while improving its definition, reduces muscle catabolism, among other benefits that make it a protein source of quality.

    Casein from MTX Elite Nutrition is an ideal product for athletes who need an extra nutritional contribution that helps them obtain a better performance in their physical activities, thus guaranteeing the achievement of their goals more efficiently, since it contains natural ingredients that improve the sports performance such as L-glutamine: the most abundant amino acid in human muscles, which plays an important role in protein synthesis, thus helping you build and maintain muscle mass. It also contains branched chain amino acids (BCAAs), which are known to decrease the feeling of fatigue and exhaustion. In addition, it contains other completely natural ingredients, vitamins and beneficial minerals that make this supplement a product that should not be missing of your diet.

    Facts of Casein from MTX Elite Nutrition:

    • Made of 100% natural ingredients.
    • Accelerates recovery and muscle hypertrophy processes.
    • Maintains muscle size during long trips.
    • Shapes and defines muscle mass.
    • Keeps the muscle catabolism at bay.
    • Of slow digestion.
    • Ideal for athletes.
    • Provides important nutrients for the body.
    Specifications per dose (45 g):
    • Energy value of 109.50 Kcal.
    • Contains 3.51 g of carbohydrates.
    • Has 35.21 g of protein.
    • Has 1.02 g of fat.

    Casein from MTX Elite Nutrition is a nutrient-rich supplement necessary for good physical performance, ideal for all types of people who want a protein contribution that provides them with the energy and protection they need in their daily activities, thus contributing to optimal physical well-being and better quality of life.

    Recommended use: as a food supplement, it is available in 2 delicious flavors: chocolate and strawberry. Dissolve between 1 and 1.5 tablespoons (45 g) in approximately 350 ml of water. Take preferably before bedtime, or between hours (mid-morning or mid-afternoon).

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