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100% Whey from MTX Elite Nutrition is a product that will provide the necessary proteins to ensure optimal and rapid muscle growth, and also contribute to the necessary regeneration after high-intensity exercise routines. It is an effective source of proteins based mainly on concentrated and isolated whey.

    By taking 100% Whey from MTX Elite Nutrition, you will end up enjoying a healthy physical state, as it contains 100% natural proteins.

    100% Whey from MTX Elite Nutrition is a high-quality protein supplement, based on whey protein concentrate (WPC) and CFM WPI (whey protein isolate).

    100% Whey from MTX Elite Nutrition is ideal for gaining muscle mass, reducing fat, helping lose weight, providing energy, and due to its rapid absorption, its results are noticeable in a short time, which added to the fact that it is a natural product, makes it the ideal supplement for athletes seeking to effectively develop their muscles.

    100% Whey from MTX Elite Nutrition is a powerful protein supplement based on natural elements such as WPC and WPI, both essential for building muscle and effective sources of protein capable of providing the energy you need to do your exercises, and also help your body to build muscle mass and lose fat. It is a product that provides everything you need not only for having a body in optimal conditions able to handle intense training, increase strength and gain muscle in the short term, but at the same time will help you maintain a healthier organism by ingesting natural and important elements such as Glutamine, L-glycine, L-arginine, Creatine, vitamins and minerals that increase energy and promotes muscle mass gains.

    In addition to all those excellent compounds, 100% Whey from MTX Elite Nutrition has an innovative composition called BIOILS-PR, which is composed of extra virgin olive oil, sunflower oil and an advanced formula rich in healthy fatty acids which promote a better performance and increased energy during your workouts. Undoubtedly, a product that offers the best in natural components and extraordinary results in a short time.

    Facts of 100% Whey from MTX Elite Nutrition

    • A product based on natural ingredients.
    • Contains high-quality proteins such as WPC and WPI.
    • Powers moderate nutrient absorption with short-term results.
    • Helps the building of muscles and the recovery of the body after intense exercises.
    • Promotes the increase in energy and endurance to be able to handle intense physical activities.
    • Improves the synthesis of proteins.
    • Provides about 80% of protein per serving.

    100% Whey from MTX Elite Nutrition is a product that you can be sure of, because it contains top-quality protein. Moreover, it was designed to help you build your ideal physique, providing the energy and elements necessary for the correct formation of muscles without causing any type of damage to your body. This product is the number one on the market of proteins for athletes because of its composition of natural origin that will also help maintain and improve a healthy lifestyle.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take 1 or 2 servings of 100% Whey from MTX Elite Nutrition before or after training, depending on your goals and bodyweight. Another time at which you could take this product is before breakfast. Each serving should be dissolved in 300 ml of water or your favorite fruit juice.

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