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Low-calorie Spelt Bagel - 60g

Low-calorie Spelt Bagel from Mr. Yummy is a small doughnut-shaped bread roll made of spelt flour. It is delicious and healthy, so you can enjoy a healthy snack that will satisfy your cravings for pastries, but with nutrients and does not have a negative impact in your body. Enjoy it between meals or after an intense training.

    Low-calorie Spelt Bagel from Mr. Yummy is the perfect sweet snack ... Surprisingly delicious and healthy! Verify it by yourself!

    Low-calorie Spelt Bagel from Mr. Yummy is a very healthy delicacy, with great dietary content and flavor. This snack will help you to forget industrial pastries containing a high level of sugar.

    Unlike foods made with refined white flours, these bagels contain spelt flour, one of the healthiest cereals. It has proteins of high biological valuable, such as lysine, B vitamins and multiple minerals that are very important to health. It also offers carbohydrates which provide a healthy source of energy. This flour is quickly absorbed because it is biosoluble. That is why, this flour has been chosen to create a snack similar to common baked products, but without any of its undesirable effects.

    Sweet foods and carbohydrates are rarely included in a diet. But they do must be part of a balanced food regime. Low-calorie Spelt Bagel from Mr. Yummy meets those two requirements in a healthy way. It is a snack that has been designed to offer a sweet appetizer that satisfies your desire to eat between meals, but in a healthy and nutritious way. It is perfect as a snack because it has an enjoyable sweet taste that not make you put weight on. Eat this bagel as much as you want because it will not harm your nutrition but will strengthen your health. It also offers vegetable proteins which are a major source of energy.

    Low-calorie Spelt Bagel from Mr. Yummy allows you to indulge in eating a delicious snack. When you deprive yourself of eating this type of food, it is quite normal that you crave for them much more. Only by eating a sweet but healthy, you will be able to control your cravings for sweets, which could drive to eat junk food. So you must have these bagels at hand to avoid situations that could make you feel you have something missing. Includes this delicacy in your routines, to make your diet more balanced and less restrictive. This is how you should actually eat to maintain a healthy and attractive body. But above all, feel healthy, light and energetic.

    Facts of Low-calorie Spelt Bagel from Mr. Yummy

    • Bagels made of spelt flour.
    • Contributes healthy carbohydrates.
    • Has vegetable proteins of high biological value.
    • Keeps cravings for sweets at bay.

    Low-calorie Spelt Bagel from Mr. Yummy is a healthy snack you can eat at all times. Enjoy its amazing flavor at all times, and also have a healthy figure without extreme prohibitions or limitations. Take advantage of its nutritious contents.

    Recommended use: for breakfast, snack or to eat between meals. Preferably eat just one a day.

    Questions and answers
    No veo la informacion nutrticional y me gustaria saber cuantas vienen en el paquete. Gracias.
    2018-06-16 11:52:44 JUDITH
    Hola viene 21 unidades por caja: por 100 gr Energía 1613 kJ - 386 kcal Grasas 14,3 gr de las cuales saturadas 1,1 gr Carbohidratos 42,5 gr de los cuales azúcares <0,5 gr Proteínas 14,1 gr Sal 0,13 gr
    2018-06-18 10:22:27 Beltran
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