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Start & Go from MM Supplements is a dietary supplement that incredibly fills your body with energy, mainly to help you achieve the best and most powerful physical performance you have ever had. This product is composed of maltodextrin and an extra of vitamins which increase your vitality in a fast and natural way.

    Take Start & Go from MM Supplements to do your workouts bursting with energy. It has highly invigorating carbohydrates and vitamins.

    Start & Go from MM Supplements is an excellent product made by an authentic brand. It is made up of carbohydrates and vitamins, with the purpose of providing energy and optimize your daily sport performance. This nutritional supplement contains maltodextrin extracted naturally from corn starch and an adequate complex of vitamins A, B, C, E and D.

    Start & Go from MM Supplements is a food supplement that will replenish your energy deposits, and as a result, you will be ready to give your best effort in your training sessions. So, by taking this product you will considerably have the mental and physical disposition to do any type of routine, however difficult it might be, and with that you will be able to increase your performance to an excellent level, which you will possibly achieve with no other product.

    Start & Go from MM Supplements is basically composed of carbohydrates and substantial vitamins that stimulate your energy metabolism and make it possible to obtain additional energy immediately, and thus be able to train very hard. In fact, if you take this supplement after your training session, you can very easily contribute to restore your energy levels thanks to its incredible composition of fast assimilation.

    It is important to mention that maltodextrin is one of the main components of this product. It is a polysaccharide of glucose residues, with bonds of easy decomposition, which helps its passage through the intestine to be of great benefit to your body and has an easy and quick assimilation. In addition, this carbohydrate has a reduced caloric percentage and is entirely free of gluten, therefore, it is much healthier for you.

    Start & Go of MM Supplements also adds to its formula a wide range of vitamins, in particular, all those that essentially make up the B complex (vitamin B12, B2, B1 and B6), and additionally the essential vitamins A, C, E and D. Such substances have the great functionality of transforming food into useful energy and thereby fully activate your vitality.

    Start & Go from MM Supplements is a supplement that will give you that energetic support that you are looking for to keep up training hard. In addition, the formula is prepared with sweetener and naturally sweetened sugars so that you can enjoy your favorite supplement before or after starting your exercise session.

    Facts of Start & Go from MM Supplements:

    • Based on a complex carbohydrate obtained from corn starch: maltodextrin.
    • Quick assimilation, restoring your levels of energy in a jiffy.
    • Stimulates the restoration of energy after training.
    • Enriched with vitamins to stimulate the energy metabolism.
    • Delicious taste provided by a sweetener.
    • Easy to mix.

    Vitalize your entire body with Start & Go from MM Supplements. You just have to drink it to invigorate yourself with a lot of energy and start working to achieve your most ambitious goals. Take it and go for it!

    Recommended use: mix some 50 g of Start & Go from MM Supplements with 300 or 400 of cold water, and drink (preferably) before or after exercise.

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    This product is also available in pack

    Pack start &go and reco &go + bottle free - MM Supplements

    Pack start &go and reco &go + bottle free - MM Supplements

    • 1 x Reco & Go - 1 kg
    • 1 x Start & Go - 1 kg
    • 1 x Rocket Bottle - 750ml

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