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Mayonnaise 0% by MM Supplements, is a delicious dressing with an extraordinary flavor; ideal to prepare and accompany any meal and any preparation you want, allowing you to enjoy the exquisite taste of mayonnaise but without any fat content, because this excellent product uses a formula with 0% fat.

    Enjoy an excellent mayonnaise, with an extraordinary flavor and totally fat-free, with the new Mayonnaise 0% by MM Supplements

    Mayonnaise 0% by MM Supplements, is an elaborate product designed to enrich the flavor of your meals, giving it that special touch that mayonnaise brings but without the harmful fat content, so common in this dressing.

    Mayonnaise 0% by MM Supplements, is ideal to accompany your breakfasts, prepare salads, dinners, snacks, and any dish you want, because it is a versatile, delicious and above all healthy product. MM Supplements has used the best ingredients, the best quality and under the latest generation procedures to bring 0% the level of fat in this product, which means that it can be perfectly used by people with a low-calorie, low-fat diet aimed at weight loss and reduction and weight control.

    Mayonnaise 0% by MM Supplements, is perfect for preparing meats, fish, chickens, among other meals of this type; but it can also be used without problems by people with vegetable-based diets, because the Mayonnaise sauce 0% of MM Supplements, has an extraordinary flavor that provides greater richness to your meals at the time of tasting, regardless of the type of diet or preparation. In addition to this, Mayonnaise 0% by MM Supplements does not contain sugars or gluten; ingredients that can cause certain reactions in some people, so that their consumption is totally safe, minimizing to the maximum any type of side effect that can in some way affect the health of the user.

    But that's not all, but Mayonnaise 0% by MM Supplements also has a very low salt content, which makes it even healthier and safer to eat. No doubt mayonnaise is one of the most used dressings in modern cuisine, regardless of the food you have on the table, it never hurts a good touch of mayonnaise to make your food something more delicious and interesting. However, most of the mayonnaises on the market are manufactured using a high level of fats that makes them harmful and not suitable for all public, especially for those who want to lose weight. With Mayonnaise 0% by MM Supplements, this is totally solved, since it is a totally healthy sauce, without fats, sugars, salt and a very low caloric intake per serving.

    Mayonnaise 0% by MM Supplements properties:

    • It is a healthy product
    • It has an extraordinary and delicious taste
    • Its fat content is 0%
    • It is ideal to accompany any meal
    • Perfect to complement low calorie and weight loss diets
    • It does not contain sugars or gluten and its salt content is very low

    Specifications for each 100gr:

    • It contains an energy value of 7 Kcal.
    • It has 0 g of fat, of which 0 g are saturated.
    • It contains 1 g of carbohydrates, of which 0 g are sugars.
    • It has 1.8 gr of fiber.
    • It has
    • It has 1.2 gr of salt.

    With Mayonnaise 0% by MM Supplements, you can make any dish, a delicious and at the same time healthy food, by just smearing a little of this extraordinary dressing. Its consumption is totally safe and with the guarantee of quality offered by MM Supplements products.

    Recommended use: Use as a dressing, using the amount of 5 ml on your meals to give a delicious flavor. You should shake its contents before using it, and it should be consumed immediately after being served.

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