Ajinomoto's L-glutamine + BCAA from MM Supplements is a sports supplement that you must have to guarantee a quick recovery and an incredible performance during training. It contains L-glutamine and BCAA (branched chain amino acids). It is backed by Ajinomoto quality, that is, it has been obtained from natural ingredients, including vegetables of maximum quality.

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Ajinomoto's L-glutamine + BCAA from MM Supplements is the key to greater performance, incredible recovery, and excellent muscle gains. You have to prove it!

Ajinomoto's L-glutamine + BCAA from MM Supplements contains all the essential active components for amazing muscle gains.

It contains L-glutamine which is an organic compound that plays a very important role in favoring the synthesis of amino acids, bringing nitrogen to the tissues and internal organs, and also benefits the multiplication of cells. On the other hand, it provides your organism with BCAA that your body cannot produce on its own. In addition, as it complies with Ajinomoto quality, you can be sure that its contents are made from vegetable components, which are 100% pure. Thanks to its extra fine format, your body will absorb its nutrients very quick, and thus you will enjoy the benefits in a jiffy.

By consuming Ajinomoto's L-glutamine + BCAA from MM Supplements, you will be completely ready for the next training session. To such an extent that your body will be able to make greater efforts. After every exercise session, specifically during recovery, you need to replenish your glutamine and amino acid levels. In this way, you will fortify your muscles and recover all your energies in a quick way. That is how you will increase your physical capacity and achieve the desired muscle gains. You must not only take what your sports diet establishes, because to make progress in your training program you need to take high-quality supplement like this product, which will complete all your requirements in a healthy way.

Do not forget that you need Ajinomoto's L-glutamine + BCAA from MM Supplements to preserve all the progress you have made so far. If your body suffer from some nutritional deficiency, you could suffer an undesirable breakdown of your muscle tissues, which could reduce the muscle volume gained. Meet your requirements with this excellent supplement whose characteristics promote the increase of muscle mass without excess fat. It works effectively in the transformation of your body, tonifying it and preserving excellent levels of energy. Check how it makes higher performance possible and how it helps you to have greater strength. Train with the certainty that you have everything you need to become great.

Specifications of Ajinomoto's L-glutamine + BCAA from MM Supplements per serving of 10 g:

  • Contains 4 g of glutamine.
  • Has 2 g of leucine.
  • Provides 1 g of valine.
  • Contributes 1 g of isoleucine.
  • Contains 0.6 mg of vitamin B6.

Ajinomoto's L-glutamine + BCAA from MM Supplements is a high-quality combination of glutamine and BCAA complying with Ajinomoto standards, that is, its ingredients are natural, vegetable, with a maximum level of purity, and easy assimilation. Experience a much faster recovery, avoid muscle catabolism, get better performance and excellent development of your muscle mass. Today!

Recommended use: dissolve one dose of 10 g in 300 ml of water. Take after training to promote recovery.

Opiniones de Ajinomoto's L-glutamine + BCAA - 500 g

Jose Antonio Motilla Galindo 2019-08-15 14:59:31
Como es la disolución del producto en agua?
Beltran 2019-08-16 10:17:35
Hola la disolución es buena no deja grumos al ser aminoácidos.Un saludo
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