0% Ketchup from MM Supplements is an extraordinary product that this renowned brand brings to complement its series of sauces and dressings, its components are obtained from natural elements, carefully selected under strict quality standards, which makes that this sauce is ideal to boost the taste of your meals.

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    With 0% Ketchup from MM Supplements, you can give a natural and delicious touch to your dishes, in particular, the natural flavor and aroma of organic tomatoes.

    100% made from natural ingredients, after going through a rigorous selection. With this novel product, MM Supplements intends to disrupt the market of sauces.

    0% Ketchup from MM Supplements is the ideal complement for preparing fast food such as sandwiches, hamburgers, roast meat or grilled meat, since it simply adapts to everything you want to give the pleasant taste of ketchup. All that you can achieved taking care of your health and without adding transgenics or excess calories to your diets, because this incredible sauce has a composition based on tomato concentrates, herbs, sea salt, vinegar, rice flour, aromatic spices, among other ingredients that do not harm your health, but quite rather, are very healthy.

    Did you arrive home late and do not have something to prepare? Forget those bad times and immediately prepare some delicious sandwiches with this excellent sauce, without affecting the diet that you are on, that is, this product not only gives a delicious touch to your dishes, but also promotes your health, maintaining a very low-calorie diet and with totally natural elements. 0% Ketchup from MM Supplements contains vitamins and nutrients that will make your body healthier, and thus you will be able to lead a better lifestyle. In general, ketchup is a multipurpose supplement used in many dishes as a dressing or applied to recipes, improving and providing an unparalleled taste.

    All the benefits of tomato you can have in your kitchen when you buy this wonderful product. It is worth mentioning its low amount of calories since a spoonful of ketchup only provides your body with 15 calories (less than 1% of what you are recommended to eat daily), that is, your body will consume a product of good taste, nutritious, and that will not make you put on weight. Moreover, it is a product low in fat and free of transgenics. A food supplement with high levels of fat is harmful for those who are on a diet to that end, and/or taking exercise routines, but with 0% Ketchup from MM Supplements you can supplement that diet that gives you so many good results.

    Facts of 0% Ketchup from MM Supplements:

    • Completely natural ingredients.
    • Ideal for the preparation of fast meals.
    • Take care of your health by not contributing fat or high amounts of calories.
    • Contributes to reduce cholesterol.
    • Free of transgenics.
    • Free of saturated fat.
    • Promotes the low consumption of salt.
    • No preservatives or artificial additives.
    • Practical and comfortable plastic container.

    Specifications per 100 g:

    • Has an energy value of 19 kcal.
    • Contains less than 0.5 g of fats, of which less than 0.5 g are saturated.
    • Contains 3.5 g of carbohydrates, of which 1.7 g are sugars.
    • Contains 2.1 g of fiber.
    • Contains 1.57 g of salt.

    0% Ketchup from MM Supplements is a novel product with which you will feel all the taste of organic tomatoes, while providing your body with all the benefits of ketchup without worrying about putting on weight or giving up your diet. Its composition is completely based on natural ingredients. Do not wait any longer and start to enjoy its benefits.

    Recommended use: as a dressing or ingredient for your dishes, add 5 ml of this delicious sauce to your favorite food. Once open, keep in the refrigerator. Eat the food prepared immediately after being served. Shake before using.

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