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0% Italian Bolognese from MM Supplements is the perfect sauce to accompany your pasta, providing a delicious flavor, and most importantly, with 0% calories and fat, which makes it a product that in addition to having an exquisite flavor, it is also 100% healthy for your body, and therefore, ideal for people on a diet designed to take care of themselves.

    Prepare delicious and exquisite healthy pasta dishes, accompanied with 0% Italian Bolognese from MM Supplements.

    0% Italian Bolognese from MM Supplements is a natural and healthy product, produced under strict standards of quality, for which the best ingredients have been chosen, including the best tomatoes, destined to offer a product that stands out in flavor and in quality, in such a way that the consumer enjoys preparing meals using this extraordinary product.

    The main characteristic of 0% Italian Bolognese from MM Supplements is that it is a product with 0% calories and fat, which makes it a totally healthy sauce for your body, contributing to the loss of weight and slimming without the need to give up exquisite flavors such as Bolognese sauce.

    Pasta is one of the favorite dishes of millions of people around the world. It is one of the most popular Italian foods, and of course, it must be accompanied by an excellent Italian sauce as it is the case of Bolognese. However, the Bolognese sauces available on the market lack, for the most part, healthy benefits, since among their ingredients it is common the use of high proportions of sugars, fats and calories, which undoubtedly have a counterproductive effect on the organism, including putting on weight and progressive deterioration of health. On the contrary, 0% Italian Bolognese from MM Supplements has eliminated all such unfavorable ingredients, namely, it does not contain fats, sugars or calories, and special attention is paid to obtaining tomatoes and the rest of the ingredients of the highest quality.

    With 0% Italian Bolognese from MM Supplements, you can prepare a wide variety of delicious traditional Italian foods, among which can be mentioned ravioli, lasagne and even the famous pizzas that Italian people like so much. But that is not all, as 0% Italian Bolognese from MM Supplements is also perfect for other non-Italian recipes such as potatoes, meats, vegetables, stews, among many other preparations, to which, you simply have to add a bit of this wonderful sauce to make your meals get enhanced in flavor and with a healthy touch. This product is ideal for people on a low-calorie diet and to support weight-control diets, promoting weight loss due to its low-fat and calorie contents.

    Facts of 0% Italian Bolognese from MM Supplements:

    • Made of healthy ingredients.
    • Contains 0% calories and fat.
    • Its ingredients are of the highest quality.
    • Has an extraordinary and delicious taste.
    • Does not contain sugars.

    Specifications per 100 g:

    • Energy value: 15 kcal.
    • Has less than 5 g of fats, of which 0 g are saturated.
    • Contains 3 g of carbohydrates, of which 1.2 are sugars.
    • Fiber: 1.5 g.
    • Protein: 0.5 g.
    • Salt: 2.4 g.

    0% Italian Bolognese from MM Supplements is the perfect sauce for your dishes, specially pasta, which, not only will make such preparations delicious, but also you will know you are eating a product free of fats and calories.

    Recommended use: use 0% Italian Bolognese from MM Supplements as an ingredient to prepare your favorite dishes or as a dressing for pasta, pizza, among other delicacies. Pour 5 ml of product over the food of your preference, which should be eaten immediately after serving. Shake well before using. 

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