0% Indian Curry from MM Supplements is a delicious seasoning that will make your meals irresistible. Eat very appetizing dishes, even the simplest ones. Give all your meals a special and healthy touch, without too many preparations. Give yourself the pleasure of trying something different, which will delight your palate.

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    0% Indian Curry from MM Supplements... the perfect Indian touch for your meals. Break the routine in your diet! It is healthy and you can apply it easily to whatever food you want!

    0% Indian Curry from MM Supplements brings the most traditional flavor of the Indian cuisine to your kitchen. This sauce has been made from natural ingredients that will give a different touch to any food.

    You will have at your disposal a delicious seasoning that is ready to use. Therefore, you do not have to look for any recipe to taste an exquisite curry. This sauce includes cayenne pepper, onion extract, and paprika, among other high-quality ingredients that give it a really exquisite taste. You can pour it over rice, whole-grain noodles, red or white meat, stews or soups. There are no limits to enjoy this product which will give an incredible touch to your meals.

    With 0% Indian Curry from MM Supplements, you will not only enjoy a delicious taste, but you will also eat healthier. It has been proven that the use of new spices and flavors decreases the use of salt, the excess of which can produce an increase in blood pressure. In addition, these new sensations in your taste buds increase the sensation of satiety in the body. Thanks to this you can eat less food and take care of your figure/physique. This sauce is ready and has all the exquisiteness of curry, so you can easily incorporate it into your meals. Therefore, you will not have to deprive yourself of such pleasure, even in the meals during the week, in which you do not have too much time to prepare special dishes.

    There is no limit to the foods that you can enrich with 0% Indian Curry from MM Supplements. Give yourself the opportunity to try a stew of brown rice with lentils a la curry, or to enjoy this sauce with some prawns accompanied with almond cream and olive oil. You should also cook rice with cod, egg and curry. In the same way, it is the spicy and tasty touch that cannot be missing on a crunchy fried chicken sprinkled with a perfect sauce. It is also an incredibly delicious taste in pork meatballs or turkey lasagna or even to enhance the taste of vegetable burgers. Use it in pan-fried vegetables, or in an appetizing onion soup.

    Facts of 0% Indian Curry from MM Supplements per 100 g:

    • Contains 0.5 g of proteins.
    • Has 2 g of dietary fiber.
    • Has 1.7 g of carbohydrates that include 0.5 g of sugars.
    • Provides 12 kcal.

    0% Indian Curry from MM Supplements is the seasoning you must have in your kitchen and that will renew your meals. Give new dimensions to your dishes, and enjoy a healthy diet.

    Recommended use: apply it to various foods, according to preference.

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