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0% Honey & Mustard Sauce - 250 ml

0% Honey & Mustard Sauce from MM Supplements is an appetizing and delicious dressing for your meals, based on mustard and honey, with 0% fat. An exquisite mix that has been used extensively throughout many countries around the world. It is characterized by the combination of the strong acid flavor of mustard, with the delicate and sweet taste of honey.

    Season your favorite foods with the pleasant and sweet taste of 0% Honey & Mustard Sauce from MM Supplements.

    0% Honey & Mustard Sauce from MM Supplements is a delicious healthy sauce with 0% calories and fat, designed to give an extraordinary flavor to your meals thanks to the exquisite combination of acid and strong flavor of mustard, with the mild and sweet taste of honey.

    Both ingredients have been carefully selected, using mustard of ecological origin and honey of excellent quality, in order to offer an excellent product. In addition to this, and the most important and outstanding thing about this product is that its preparation has been done in such a way that its fat and calorie content is 0, an indispensable factor in the diet of people and athletes who seek to keep their fat levels to a minimum or follow a weight-control diet.

    0% Honey & Mustard Sauce from MM Supplements is a very versatile product that allows you to use it in a great variety of foods, ideal to accompany your sandwich, potatoes, to spread on bread; but also as an ingredient for the preparation of different dishes, especially meats and salads. Because of its natural origin, and since it does not contain any type of preservatives or additives, it is a sauce perfectly suited for vegans, since it does not alter at all their eating habits and is also a safe product with good benefits for health. Its low amount of fats and calories is the factor that makes it ideal to consume and support weight-control or hypocaloric diets, since it does not alter these values ​​at all, which makes it a dressing without side effects.

    Undoubtedly, what attracts the attention of a good sauce of honey and mustard is that bittersweet taste that leaves the palate wanting for more. For such reason, it is one of the main ingredients in the preparation of many recipes or as the perfect sauce to accompany certain foods or snacks. Another interesting thing about 0% Honey & Mustard Sauce from MM Supplements is that by using high-purity honey and quality mustard, their respective flavors are enhanced, making it even more delicious than the rest of similar sauces, knowing that when you consume it you will not provide your body with a gram of fat, just relax and enjoy its extraordinary taste.

    Facts of 0% Honey & Mustard Sauce from MM Supplements:

    • Contains quality mustard and high-purity honey.
    • Its ingredients are of natural origin.
    • Its fat content is 0.
    • Has a delicious taste.
    • The ideal dressing for a variety of recipes and sandwiches.
    • Suitable for hypocaloric diets.
    • Does not contain artificial preservatives or additives.

    Specifications per 100 g:

    • Energy value: 12 kcal.
    • Has < 0.5 g of fat, of which 0 g are saturated.
    • Has 1.7 g of carbohydrates, of which < 0.5 g are sugars.
    • Has 2 g of fiber.
    • Has < 0.5 g of protein.
    • Has 0.73 g of salt.

    Use this exquisite sauce to prepare mouth-watering dishes. You just need to add a little and your meals will taste very rich, while gaining in healthy nutrients necessary for a full life.

    Recommended use: use 5 ml of 0% Honey & Mustard Sauce from MM Supplements as an ingredient of your favorite meals or as a spread. Shake well before using. Eat the food prepared immediately.

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