Evolution Casein by MM Suplements is an essential protein food to maintain and gain effective muscle mass. It provides you with all the benefits of the best micellar casein from milk, whey concentrate, and glutamine. It has also been sweetened with sucralose and acelsulfamo K, which help you maintain the figure.

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Evolution Casein from MM Suplements is your delicious and complete source of protein. Excellent to complement your diet!

Evolution Casein from MM Suplements is a complete and effective food that reinforces the proteins in your body. It has been created with micellar casein obtained from milk, whey concentrate and glutamine, all ingredients of the highest quality.

Its delicious taste is due to the fact that it has been sweetened with naturally sweet ingredients and has been sweetened with sucralose and acelsulfame K, which do not fatten or contribute to the increase of fats. Complete your nutrition with this supplement that strengthens your protein level, essential to increase your muscles and achieve a really strong and toned body. It will also reinforce and maintain your energies for a long term.

If you really want to gain muscle, you can not leave out a supplement like Evolution Casein from MM Suplements. All sources of amino acids can not be waived to strengthen your body and maintain good health. But if you practice sports and expose your body to intense physical activity, the amino acids that you receive through your food may not be enough. Have at your disposal this great tasting product that will strengthen your proteins will maintain an optimum level of amino acids in your organism. In this way you can gain muscle mass, and achieve effective body growth. You can also maintain this structure over time.

Improve your training with Evolution Casein from MM Suplements. Your amino acids will also preserve your energies and prevent any possibility of your muscles being reduced. In the same way it will help you to recover quickly, completing the process of hypertrophy and helping you to give much more during your training. Optimize your nutrition and intensify your exercise routines, adding it to your diet. It offers all the essential amino acids so that your body always has key building blocks for the repair and improvement of your muscle tissues. Regardless of what activity or discipline you practice, you will always have the necessary impetus to do much more.

Properties of Evolution Casein by MM Suplements

  • Promotes muscle growth
  • Preserves muscle mass over time
  • Strengthens bones
  • Maintains a good level of energy
  • Improves the ability to recover
  • Increase endurance during training

Evolution Casein from MM Suplements is a high quality supplement that will give you all the amino acids you need to gain muscle. Add this product to your routines, to complete your protein level and always have everything you need to develop your muscle mass. Enjoy its delicious flavor, which has been achieved with naturally sweet ingredients and dietary sweeteners, so it will not add fats to your body.

Recommended use: dilute 30 grams in 300 ml of water. Take once a day.

Opiniones de Evolution Casein - 500g

Laura Meléndez 2019-05-01 00:42:40
Contiene carbohidratos y lactosa?
Carlos Neptuno 2019-05-02 10:27:58
Hola Laura, buenos días. Le aporta 6,8 gr de carbohidratos por cada 100 gramos y si tiene lactosa. Si busca una caseína sin lactosa le recomiendo esta: https://www.masmusculo.com/es/biotech-usa/casein-zero-15555.htmlUn saludo.
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