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Rocket Bottle - 750ml

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Rocket Bottle from MM Supplements is the ideal bottle to drink fresh water or isotonic drinks during cycling. Moreover, it has been made with high quality plastic, resistant and hard-wearing. It also has a capacity of 750 ml that will allow you to carry a good amount of liquid and consume powdered supplements with ease.

    Rocket Bottle from MM Supplements is a simple and practical bottle through which you will keep vital liquids to hand in order to recover your hydration.

    Rocket Bottle from MM Supplements is the perfect bottle you need to have liquid and isotonic drinks to hand during your bicycle training.

    To start with, it is made with very resistant plastic, safe lid and an ergonomic shape that make it perfect to carry on the bike. Moreover, it comes in a beautiful blue color and has two letters M in yellow on behalf of MM Suplements. As an accessory it provides everything you need in a practical way to maintain your hydration at all times. Furthermore, it is easy to carry and allows you also take supplements of all kinds, which can be easily dissolved inside. You will no longer have to resort to drinks that may contain sugar. This accessory will help you drink liquids and natural juices of your choice.

    Drinking liquid is very important during any type of training session. Constant movement causes your body to lose fluid through perspiration. And along with this you can lose salts and nutrients necessary for your vitality. You must also drink water to help the body release toxins that are harmful to lose weight. Rocket Bottle from MM Supplements allows you to carry and have it to hand easily when you go by bicycle. In this way, you can have mineral water, natural juices, or any isotonic drink of your choice. You will not have to spend money on commercial drinks that despite having low levels of sugar, contain preservatives and other elements that only boost your level of toxins. So, you can take the drink you know is best for you.

    Rocket Bottle from MM Supplements is a useful accessory if you are a disciplined athlete who knows the importance of hydration, especially if you practice a very demanding discipline such as, cycling. Anyway, this attractive and ergonomically shaped bottle will provide you with a good amount of the liquid you prefer, and will allow you to comfortably carry it on your daily bike rides. Do not spend money on drinks that increase your budget and do not favour you at all. Prepare your favourite drinks or just consume your daily supplement, by dissolving it inside in a practical way. It can also be very useful for practitioners of all kinds of disciplines.

    Facts of Rocket Bottle from MM Supplements

    • 750 ml capacity.
    • Made with high quality plastic.
    • Safe lid.
    • Ergonomic design.
    • Blue color with green letters.

    Rocket Bottle from MM Supplements is a 750 ml bottle that makes effective hydration possible during the practice of cycling. Moreover, it has been made with high quality resistant plastic, has a safe lid, and a special ergonomic design to take it on speed bikes. Finally, you can use it to drink water, isotonic drinks or supplement dissolved inside. And last but not least, y ou can easily carry it in any bag, as part of your training gear.

    Recommended use: to drink water or various liquids during the practice of cycling or all kinds of sports.

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