Collagen with MSM and Magnesiom by MM Supplements is the ideal complement for the health of your bones and joints, especially in sports and health in general since it has regenerative properties that contribute to the health of tissues and the prevention and recovery of typical injuries of training and keeping the skin healthy and hydrated.

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    Collagen with MSM and Magnesium by MM Supplements is designed to offer protection to the joints of the body providing elasticity and regenerating bone cells.

    Collagen formula by MM Supplements is made to regenerate the health of joints, cartilage and bones. The collagen is present in the tissue of the joints, allows the elasticity of the same in addition to regenerating the skin, cartilage and bones.

    Collagen from MM Supplements contains unique ingredients selected solely to stimulate the production of collagen causing cartilage regeneration. It also protects the skin from aging by keeping it smooth and hydrated for longer, allowing you to feel young even as the years go by.

    Collagen with MSM and Magnesium by MM Supplements is a product that mixes easily and can be used by older people with arthrosis problems or diseases related to the wear of bones and cartilage, it can also be used by young people who maintain an active physical activity. Collagen with MSM and Magnesium by MM Supplements also protects the skin and maintains physical beauty as it has one hundred percent (100%) natural ingredients well tolerated by the body that do not produce food allergies.

    The skin, bones and tendons are made mainly of collagen, here lies the importance of this protein in the body, as time goes by these collagen levels decrease causing the wear of joints and bones, the same happens with daily physical activity and that is why the need arises to look for a supplement that contains this incredible protein. Collagen with MSM and Magnesium by MM Supplements is the ideal complement for all types of users of any age who need to feel the most for their daily activities, as it provides the necessary amount to keep your joints, tissues and bones strong and rejuvenated.

    Collagen Properties of MM Supplements

    • Regenerates bones and cartilages
    • Contributes to the health of tissues
    • Help the prevention and recovery of injuries
    • Keeps skin healthy and hydrated
    • Provides elasticity and regenerates the bone cell
    • It can be used by all kinds of people
    • Protects the skin from aging
    • Ideal for athletes
    • Helps in the prevention of diseases of the joints and bones
    • Product made with natural ingredients, so it does not cause side effects that may cause damage to your health
    • It comes available in various flavors

    Specifications for every 10 gr:

    • Contains 8.3 gr of hydrolyzed collagen
    • It has 8.3 mg of methylsulfonyl-methane
    • It has 60 mg of magnesium
    • It contains 20.8 mg of zinc
    • It has 67 mg of vitamin c
    • Has 25 mg of sodium hyaluronate

    To optimize your health and wellbeing physically and mentally and stay 100% active at all times Collagen with MSM and Magnesium by MM Supplements offers you the best collagen in the market that will give you unique benefits and that will make you feel strong at any time of the day providing you a happy life and healthy.

    Recommended use: As a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule a day along with the main meal.

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