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Beta Alanine - 100g

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Beta Alanine is a perfect product to enhance physical performance of the human body, achieving optimum results in every workout. Beta Alanine from MM Supplements contains in its formula beta alanine , which is a nonessential amino acid that can also be incorporated into the body through a diet. Beta Alanine from MM Supplements increases stamina, strength and muscle development.

    Beta Alanine from MM Supplements acts effectively using carnosine that exerts its action by stimulating the muscle fiber, to perform maximum strength and greater intensity exercises.

    Beta Alanine from MM Supplements, has succeeded with its advanced formula, greater efficacy of beta-alanine, which allows you to ensure maximum performance of the human body. Beta-alanine is a proven supplement, according to recent scientific studies, which acts on the body effectively improving performance.

    Beta alanine is an amino acid of non-essential type, which is sometimes difficult to incorporate into the body through regular mixed diet of chicken, beef, whey or fish. Beta-alanine becomes carnosine, which increases stamina, strength, and muscle development. Carnosine regulates the pH levels of muscles and is also involved in the absorption of liberated hydrogen ions. With higher level of carnosine, the possibilities of situations with high levels of lactic acid are reduced. The addition of carnosine in the body, is done with the regular consumption of Beta Alanina from MM Supplements.

    Beta Alanine from MM Supplements facilitates muscle growth in people whose process is carried out more slowly. This product stimulates the most intense workouts achieving as a direct result physical improvement. It also minimizes recovery time between workouts, increasing overall calorie consumption and workout intensity.


    In the process in which high intensity exercise is performed the body builds up hydrogen ions, causing the body to assume a more acidic state. The increase in hydrogen ions also accumulates lactic acid in the body, causing the symptoms of fatigue during exercise and intensity decrease.

    The greatest accumulation of lactic acid during workouts becomes a limiting factor for overall performance, minimizing the results.

    • It should be noted that the use of beta-alanine, at the beginning can cause a tingling sensation, caused by stimulation of nerves under the skin. This means that Beta Alanine from MM Supplements is doing its job.
    • The first effects of Beta Alanine from MM Supplements consumption appear about 15 days after start.
    • Beta Alanine from MM Supplements can be combined with the consumption of carbohydrates, thus accelerating the absorption in muscle cells.
    • Regular consumption of Beta Alanine from MM Supplements brings numerous benefits and advantages that apply to each workout.

    It is also recommended to do a loading phase with Beta Alanine from MM Supplements, with 2 or 3 doses per day for the first six days, and then perform a maintenance phase.

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    I take 1g four times per day, sometimes it gives me paresthesia in the palms of my hands (itchy feeling on the skin). But only when I take it with the stomach empty.
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