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The new 0% Bbq Sauce from MM Supplements is the perfect and ideal complement for grilling food on weekends, give an exquisite touch to your meats, pork ribs and chicken wings, at the same time that you take care of your body with the products that MM supplements brings for you.

    Give a special touch to meals cooked outdoors using 0% Bbq Sauce from MM Supplements and give yourself a taste.

    MM Suplements is an innovative brand that is always at the forefront of innovative nutrition products. In this opportunity, it brings you a new complement that without a single doubt belongs to its long list of successful products.

    0% Bbq Sauce from MM Supplements is formulated with totally natural ingredients, in order to bring to your kitchen a traditional and quality complement that will give your food that different touch that you are looking for. Surprise your guests with roasted meat accompanied with this succulent sauce, and catch the spotlight in your parties, while providing your body with a healthy contribution of nutrients.

    With 0% Bbq Sauce from MM Supplements, you will not only enjoy a pleasant and different flavor, you will also bring more health to your body. Recent studies have revealed that the use of aromatic products and spices in the kitchen greatly helps increase salt consumption during meals, which at high levels would put your health at risk, causing problems in your arterial blood. This is why, it is recommended the use of this delicious sauce, so as to add flavor to your meals, without altering the healthy levels of salt in your body.

    If you are a lover of eating meat and you like to prepare them in a barbecue evening, this product is your ideal complement without leaving behind the care of your figure/physique and without putting on those extra kilos that no one wants to have. 0% Bbq Sauce from MM Supplements is a fine sauce made from purely natural ingredients, such as fine herbs, tomato puree, vinegar, mustard and a little of hot sauce, which, together, will give your grilled food a unique smell and taste. This product is elaborated under the highest levels of quality and with a rigorous selection of its ingredients, all with the purpose of bringing to your table the most exquisite natural and aromatic flavors without being able to affect that balanced diet you are on.

    Facts of 0% Bbq Sauce from MM Supplements:

    • Ideal to season your meats and grilled food.
    • Amazing aroma of fine herbs.
    • Made from natural ingredients.
    • Does not affect your diet.
    • Low in fat and calories.
    • Contributes to lower salt consumption.
    • Comes in a plastic container that is ideal for outdoor use.

    Specifications per 100 g:

    • Contains 14 kcal.
    • Contains less than 0.5 g of fats, of which 0 g are saturated.
    • Has 1.8 g of fiber.
    • Has less than 0.5 g of proteins.
    • Has 2.47 g of salt.

    0% Bbq Sauce from MM Supplements is a novel product that will change the way in which you season your roast food, but you could also spread it on food, to taste. Once you try it, you will agree that it is a product you must have in your kitchen, because it is a staple for preparing the best barbecued food you have ever eaten, especially on weekends. Do not miss the opportunity of acquiring this great product that MM Supplements has made for people just like you. Buy it now!

    Recommended use: as a sauce for dressing food, use 5 ml over meat and barbecued food. Apply to your taste in the preparation of exquisite dishes. Shake well before using. The food enriched with this sauce should be eaten immediately after being served.

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