Pineapple Trunk from MM Essence is a nutritional supplement made with 100% natural ingredients. It optimizes your digestion facilitating the expulsion of toxins. Slimming quickly without any side effects that can damage your health, or affect your athletic performance day after day.
Pineapple trunk - 50 caps

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      How is it taken? Reduces cellulite and tones the skin
      How is it taken? Capsule / s with a glass of water
      Size per dose One service
      How many times? Once a day
      When should it be taken? With breakfast

      Pineapple Trunk Capsules from MM Essence Laboratories, your best ally to fight overweight and the appearance of cellulite.

      The vegetable capsules based on Pineapple Trunk are an extraordinary nutritional complement of natural origin, ideal for its implementation in dietary regimes that promote the systematic and controlled loss of weight thanks to its excellent slimming qualities and its contribution to the improvement of the digestion process of the organism. Pineapple extract contains a significant dose of bromelain, a natural enzyme with extensive and proven digestive properties, suitable to improve discomfort related to poor digestion or lazy stomach problems, because it causes an anti-oedematous effect and helps eliminate excess of unnecessary liquids present in our body. Bromelain also offers great anti-inflammatory qualities, perfect for treating conditions associated with the digestive system such as heavy digestions and gastritis and to decrease joint ailments and reduce the suffering of degenerative diseases such as arthritis and other related pathologies.

      Experts in physical training widely recommends its use in athletes and sportsmen because the nutritional formula that integrates this extraordinary product of natural origin allows to optimize the process of digestion of the consumed proteins, greatly increasing energy levels in the body, which in turn, represents a significant improvement in physical performance thanks to increased strength, stamina and vitality. Pineapple extract capsules from  MM Essence facilitate the natural expulsion of fat accumulated in the body without affecting the levels of muscle mass in athletes, the anti-inflammatory benefits offered by this excellent product also contributes to relieve ailments in muscles, joints and tendons originated by the intense sports activities developed, allowing the body to be replaced more quickly.

      Facts of Pineapple Trunk from MM Essence

      • Thanks to the ingredients of 100% natural origin that make up the capsules of Pineapple, these do not cause any collateral damage after consumption.
      • Rich in Bromelain, natural enzyme to improve the digestive process.
      • Ideal to complement diets slimming, because it facilitates the elimination of accumulated fat in the body and its expulsion in a natural way.
      • Greatly improve the functions of the digestive system, counteracting and preventing the suffering of related conditions.
      • It optimizes the digestion and proper use of protein levels in the body.
      • It eliminates excess fluids in our body.
      • It facilitates the expulsion of harmful toxins to the functions of the organism.
      • Extraordinary anti-inflammatory qualities.
      • Contribute to improve physical performance in athletes and athletes.
      • Its consumption does not generate any contraindication, as long as only the recommended dose is ingested.

      Nutrition and dietetics specialists value positively the use of pineapple trunk capsules from MM Essence laboratories, and frequently include them in nutritional plans for weight reduction in patients, cataloging them as the best natural adjuvant in diets for weight loss.

      Recommended Use: As a dietary supplement, take one (1) Pineapple Trunk capsule from MM Essence 30 minutes before each meal, accompanied by a glass of water, to ensure the enjoyment of your benefits.

      Opiniones de Pineapple Trunk - 50 capsules

      manuel 2018-09-24 12:24:13
      una capsula al dia,o una antes de cada comida? me refiero a las de tronco de piña...un saludo
      Beltran 2018-09-25 09:41:51
      Hola 1 cap 30min antes de cada comida principal.Un saludo
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