Menu On My Weight from MiPlato is a wonderful and practical cooking tool that will allow you to always have within reach the step by step preparation of exquisite foods. Stay at your ideal weight by eating delicious meals that will provide your body with the perfect and desired food, with the taste of traditional homemade food.

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Menu On My Weight from MiPlato, with an endless number of spectacular flavors that delight the palate without neglecting your weight, Menu On My Weight from MiPlato is your diet menu without equal.

Menu On My Weight from MiPlato has a rich and varied menu, an ideal menu for you we have a variety of dishes, made with seasonal products, nutritionally complete and that give you the energy necessary for your day to day so you can follow a healthy and balanced diet. It also helps you continue to enjoy your favorite foods, even if they are high in calories, fats or extra sugars, always maintaining a balance with healthier foods and without leaving physical activity. All these qualities are thanks to the ingredients that bring you the menus of MiPlato. Here you will find an alloy to your biggest fears, such as weight gain energy deficiency and health problems.

Menu On My Weight from MiPlato shows you some of the dishes of full lunches and light dinners plus two desserts so you can taste our traditional flavor and unique aroma. The "Lunch" menu has a variety of dishes such as: Beans with clams, potatoes stewed with cod, salads with tuna and shrimp pasta, meatballs in tomato sauce, braised lentils with sausage, salmon with orange, Russian Salad, Chicken breasts in curry sauce, Hake to the cava. The menu of "Dinners" brings you to choose another diversity as: Provencal vegetables, Chicken burger with candied onions, Beans with chorizo, Rice with vegetables, Spinach with chickpeas, Tuna in mojito sauce, Aubergines sautéed in curry with pipes From pumpkins, Salmon to orange. And we can not forget the menu of "Desserts" to delight with Rice with milk, Cheese cake.

Menu On My Weight from MiPlato helps you to prevent and control various diseases and conditions such as: heart disease, hypertension problems, type 2 diabetes, gallstone, among others, that's why MiPlato gives you all the tools to feel good about yourself and helps you increase your self-confidence, be at your healthy weight helping you to generate more energy to enjoy life. It is therefore one of the favorite dishes of people with a diet and constant training, as they want to replenish all energy after intense exercise, and get effective results in the body in a very short time. All this with a care of the unwanted extra fats, thanks to Menu On My Weight from MiPlato can offer you balanced foods. 

Facts of Menu On My Weight from MiPlato

  • 100% fresh products
  • Special menus for offices
  • Improves your digestion and increases your stamina
  • Ingredients of the best quality
  • Seasoned, nutritionally complete products
  • Homemade and traditional food
  • Prepared by a nutritionist with proven experience
  • Food with great taste

Menu On My Weight from MiPlato always gives you healthy choices in your food. In addition to providing you with remarkable benefits to your health and well-being, over time you can have better eating habits. Here you will find a wide range of homemade dishes at home you can try new flavors without breaking your diet as we have our chefs and our nutritionist at the time of preparing the dishes we think of you planning weekly and monthly each recipe to your taste will arrive at your house, office or wherever you are. So you do not have excuses, hands down!

Recommended use: as a culinary tool, use to prepare exquisite recipes and thus consume the favorite dish of Menu On My Weight from MiPlato to your liking for better satisfaction.

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