Low-carb Menu from MiPlato is a culinary tool with a variety of low-carbohydrate recipes. It manages to prepare varied meals daily with fresh and natural products, without losing the taste and flavor of your dishes. The best way to indulge your body by eating healthy and with the rich seasoning of traditional homemade food.

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Low-carb Menu from MiPlato, your favorite ally when it comes to choosing the best low carbohydrate meals, Low-carb Menu from MiPlato is your best choice.

Low-carb Menu from MiPlato helps you lose a few pounds, control your weight in a healthy way. A menu that completely delivers the best low carbohydrate dishes at your disposal, and helping your diet to stop being boring and tasteless, showing you an easy way to continue enjoying your tasty and natural dishes, without losing the taste of a homemade diet, all our low carb menus are made under the supervision of an expert nutritionist. Cheer up because it's up to you and the effort you put into it, it will always be easier if you start small accomplishments until you reach your final goal.

Low-carb Menu from MiPlato shows you some of the things you should eat and that you should not eat more a sample of low carb menu. Eat: meat, fish, eggs, vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, high-fat dairy products, fats, healthy oils and also gluten-free tubers and cereals. Do not eat: sugar, high fructose corn syrup, wheat, seed oils, high Omega-6 oils or trans fats, artificial sweeteners, low-fat "diet" products and highly processed foods.

Low-carb Menu from MiPlato gives you a variety of dishes for many tastes, menus such as "Breakfasts" with ingredients such as: eggs with cooked spinach, sautéed mushrooms (in omelet or scrambled together), small melon slices, Apple Lino Muffin, yogurt, fresh raspberries and almonds. Menu of "Lunches": Loin of cod with tomato, spinach with chickpeas, Lentils with sautéed vegetables, Rabbit with garlic, Rice with chicken, Hake in green sauce, Beans with clams. And menu of "Dinners" like: Spinach with chickpeas, Vegetables and grilled mushrooms, Chicken burger with candied onion, Tuna in tomato sauce, Cream of zucchini. All this without forgetting the menu of "Desserts" to delight the palate: Pumpkin Flan and Carrot Flan.

Facts of Low-carb Menu from MiPlato

  • Fresh and natural products
  • Improves your digestion, stabilizes sugar levels and increases your stamina
  • Special menus for offices, home services
  • Homemade and traditional food
  • Prepared by a nutritionist with proven experience
  • Tasty taste at meals
  • High quality ingredients

Low-carb Menu from MiPlato gives you a wide range of homemade dishes to try new flavors without breaking your diet, as we have our chefs and our nutritionist to prepare dishes to live well, with intensity, energy, happiness and abundance. You have to let MiPlato this every day at your table, we think of you planning weekly and monthly each recipe to your liking. One of the favorite foods of extreme athletes such as bodybuilders and fitness lovers.

Recommended Use: as a culinary tool, use to prepare and consume the favorite dish of Low-carb Menu from MiPlato to your liking for better satisfaction.

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