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Coconut & Almond Butter - 454g

Coconut & Almond Butter from Meridian Foods is a delicious butter made with roasted almonds, coconut and honey. It has a soft texture, is ideal to spread on cookies, toast, add to cakes or your favorite recipes, even perfect for baking.

  • VegetarianVegetarian
  • VeganVegan
  • Lactose FreeLactose Free

    Coconut & Almond Butter from Meridian Foods, ideal for vegans as non vegans. Consume it at breakfast or as a snack without neglecting the diet.

    Coconut & Almond Butter from Meridian Foods is a butter made of natural almonds with a pure blend of coconut and honey. Almonds contain high amounts of protein, with carbohydrates, healthy fatty acids, fiber, vitamin E and the minerals copper, manganese, phosphorus and magnesium. One of the most important nutrients that almonds provide is the amino acid arginine, which stimulates the growth of muscle mass stimulating the metabolism of fats and improving the delivery of oxygen for optimal muscle definition. This amino acid also prevents fatigue, increases physical capacity and increases endurance. It contains high amounts of fiber and has great satiating effect, combats constipation and helps to purify the body. It contains healthy fatty acids, help control fats.

    Coconut & Almond Butter from Meridian Foods contains a 100% of coconut roasted almonds with honey, with a high content of protein, fatty acids and fiber, with vitamins and minerals. Lactose free, no added sugars and suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Ideal to add to shakes, cakes and pies. It can be used to spread on biscuits and buns. One way to consume it is to simply eat one tablespoon to get the nutrients needed for a healthy and balanced diet. Almonds are a very nutritious food, ideal for athletes and bodybuilders, because they provide the proteins and nutrients necessary for the growth and maintenance of muscle mass by controlling fats and stimulating optimal muscle definition.

    Coconut & Almond Butter from Meridian Foods contains 25% vegetable proteins and is rich in healthy fats, resulting in a product with an excellent lipid profile. In addition, this butter contains a lot of fiber, calcium and vitamin E, essential for the maintenance of health. Meridian Foods makes 100% natural products, without addition of preservatives and using the best ingredients. It is an environmentally conscious brand, so it does not use palm oil in any product, since large-scale palm oil cultivation poses a major threat to primates, such as the orangutans from tropical rainforests in Indonesia.

    Facts of Coconut & Almond Butter from Meridian Foods

    • Improves fat metabolism
    • Prevents fatigue
    • Increases stamina
    • Improves intestinal transit
    • Reduces the damage of free radicals
    • Supports the health of tissues and skin
    • Contains roasted dry almonds, coconut and honey
    • No added sugars
    • Free of lactose
    • Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

    Coconut & Almond Butter from Meridian Foods can be combined with a wide range of products and ingredients, both those designed to follow a healthy and varied diet, and practically any supplementation that athletes take as non-athletes. Coconut & Almond Butter from Meridian Foods can benefit those who wish to follow a healthy, varied and highly nutritious diet. What are you waiting? Try it now!

    Recommended use: as a food supplement, spread on toast, biscuits or a tablespoon during breakfast or snack to obtain all the nutrients it contains.

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