Gourmet Syrup is a line of sweet sauces created by Hypertrophy Nutrition. Each Syrup is free of calories, fats and sugar and is a perfect option to accompany different meals, delicious healthy desserts. You can choose from the following flavors: chocolate, vanilla, strawberry, honey or caramel. It comes in 425 ml containers.

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    Gourmet Syrup from Hypertrophy Nutrition, Exquisite taste free from guilt.

    Gourmet Syrup is a line of delicious sweet sauces, free of calories, fats and sugar with exquisite flavors of vanilla, strawberry, chocolate, honey or caramel. Both for its variety of flavors and for its nutritional value, Gourmet Syrup is a perfect and divine option to accompany different foods and healthy desserts. This light syrup can be included in weight control, maintenance or muscle definition diets, chosen by people with a healthy and active lifestyle.

    Hypertophy Nutrition is one of the European brands with the highest market position thanks to the selection of the best ingredients and raw materials of the highest quality. The ingredients used to make each flavor of the delicious Gourmet Syrup were carefully chosen with a view to obtaining the best and classic American flavor of syrup, but in a healthy way. Each serving of this rich syrup created by Hypertrophy contributes energy to complete the amount required daily by the body for its proper functioning.

    Gourmet Syrup is composed basically of water, thickeners (cellulose gum and xanthan gum), aroma and colorant according to taste, acidity corrector (citric acid) preservatives (potassium sorbate and sodium benzoate). Some of the flavors contain cocoa. To achieve its delicate sweet taste without using common sugar sucralose was used. This ingredient is a calorie-free sweetener recommended for those people who love sweet foods but are interested in taking care of their health by reducing the calorie intake or the amount of sugar in their diet to avoid different diseases such as obesity.

    In addition, it is an ideal sweetener for people with diabetes. Each container of Gourmet Syrup from Hypertrophy Nutrition is designed with the most modern anti-drip technology and contains 425 ml. To consume it and to enrich your menus, you must only shake it and serve it along with your favorite foods or drinks. Gourmet Syrup will help you maintain a balanced diet and delight your palate without tiring of the usual flavors. Dare to add a different flavor to the typical dishes of your diet without feeling guilty or giving up the most delicious flavors. Take it along with your meals, drinks and desserts.

    Facts of Gourmet Syrup from Hypertrophy Nutrition

    • 0% calories
    • Fat free.
    • Sugar free.
    • Anti-drip container.
    • Possibility to choose between five flavors.

    Hypertrophy Nutrition has definitely created Gourmet Syrup to satisfy the tastes of discerning consumers who prefer only the best. So take your leave of the calories, fats and carbohydrates and welcome the most enjoyable taste by consuming Gourmet Syrup daily.

    Recommended Use: shake well before use. Once opened keep refrigerated.

    Opiniones de Gourmet Syrup - 425ml

    Buenas valor energético?? 2018-11-22 11:52:52
    Buenas tardes valor energético del sirope??
    Beltran 2018-11-23 10:30:04
    Hola estos son sus valores puede variar poco depende del sabor. Por 100 gr Valor Energetico 6 Kcal/ 23 KJ Grasas 0 gr De las cuales saturadas 0 gr Carbohidratos 1,3 gr Azúcares 0 gr Proteína 0 gr Sal* 0,04 gr
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