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List of products by brand Megabol

Megabol is one of the Polish companies with more tradition in the distribution, design and production of nutritional, dietary and sports supplements. What sets us apart is the cooperation with important scientists recognized worldwide who are responsible for evaluating and designing our products.


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Testosterol 250 - 30 caps
Testosterol 250 - 30 capsMegabol
Testosterol 250 by Megabol, is the best natural precursor of testosterone of the market.
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biosterol 36 caps
Biosterol - 36 capsMegabol
Biosterol by Megabol is a potent supplement called pro-hormonal of 100% natural origin.
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€10.00 - €14.00

Doses per packaging

30 - 36

For this reason, our products not only keep up with the level of some of the most expensive supplements, but we also exceed the level of our competition thanks to the innovations introduced in our laboratories.

Since 1994, Megabol has a strong position in the Polish supplementation market, thanks in part to the fact that in 2004 our country joined the European Union and since then foreign interest in Polish supplementation has been growing steadily.

Megabol has two production bases, one located in Poland and one in the Czech Republic. All products are exported to countries in the European Union, Eastern Europe and Asia. We collaborate with reliable and economical transport companies, able to deliver our products with the lowest prices in any country.

Price is an important factor that gives us an advantage over our competitors. Achieving a high quality along with a low price, allows to position Megabol above most popular companies.