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Maximinos from Max Protein is a delicious pocket snack designed to satisfy your cravings. A ingenious, practical and tasty sweet, whose preparation consists especially of high-quality proteins. Designed to consume at any time of the day and delight in its explosive mixture of proteins, flavors and colors. These little buttons are covered with a crunchy texture and are filled with a Swiss chocolate.

    Maximinos from Max Protein: your tasty snack full of chocolate and proteins.

    Maximinos from Max Protein is a wonderful sweet to satisfy cravings without remorse. They are presented in small colored buttons, with an exquisite interior filled with Swiss chocolate. An alternative that demonstrates the possibilities of consuming a rich caramel free of sugars added.

    The best snack to give your body up to 22.8 grams of protein. Designed for those people who take care of their figure and keep fat or excess of substances at bay. These delicious little buttons can be eaten every day in a totally healthy and natural way.

    Maximinos from Max Protein is presented in a practical and small pack for taking away easily. Thanks to its cylinder shape, you have the opportunity to have it at your fingertips wherever you are. It is not always easy to access healthy and natural candies, however, Maximinos from Max Protein accompanies you to your favorite places. These little buttons covered with a crunchy, colorful texture will keep you satisfied for the entire day.

    A snack perfect to dissipate guilty pleasures and delight you immediately. Maximinos from Max Protein is not only tasty and compact, but also made on the premise of a healthy content for your body. One of the best sweets for daily consumption, with a composition rich in fibers and proteins. Thanks to the absence of sugars added and low-fat content, it is now possible to enjoy the best chocolate flavor without remorse or feeling guilty. Do not forget to take care of your figure and support this wonderful line of sweets whose purpose is to satisfy cravings without gaining weight.

    Maximinos from Max Protein is a unique and fantastic alternative for children, young people and adults. Thanks to its Swiss chocolate filling, it will be irresistible to your palate. Enrich your days with this colorful and practical alternative, ready to please you between meals. Undoubtedly, the best choice to delight at home, work or on the road, without giving up the lifestyle or diet. It is also a product perfect to take away, therefore, do not hesitate to keep it in your bag to pamper yourself at any time. Ingesting these crunchy and appetizing little buttons day by day will always raise a smile.

    Facts of Maximinos from Max Protein:

    • A delicious snack rich in fibers and proteins.
    • Free of added sugars.
    • Low in fat.
    • Has a Swiss chocolate interior.
    • Has the most flavorful crunchy texture.
    • Provides a great energy value.

    These delicious little buttons have been made provide you with proteins, flavors and striking colors. Designed to taste between meals and satisfy those little cravings without breaking any rules. It proposes a chocolaty flavor that feels wonderful on the palate. And best of all, it does not make you put on a single kilo. A sweet made low in fat and without sugars added.

    Recommended use: eat directly from the pack as a snack at any time of the day.

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