Max Cookies from Max Protein are incredibly tasty cookies, with excellent nutritional content, which you should have at your disposal. These cookies have an exquisite taste and are an excellent sweet that you can enjoy during at snack time. It contains 36 grams of protein, and it has been flavored with dietary and healthy ingredients.

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Max Cookies from Max Protein are very tasty and healthy. Enjoy a sweet and dietary treat!

Max Cookies from Max Protein are delicious cookies containing healthy proteins. Just one cookie provides your body with 36 grams of protein, which will invigorate your body and help you develop your muscles.

Do not tempt your palate with any sweet food loaded with sugars and refined flours. Instead, allow yourself to enjoy something sweet, but also healthy, that is, without ruining the progress you have achieved leading a balanced diet. Opt for these tasty cookies, which have been prepared under a nutritious and completely healthy formula. By doing so, you will not crave for junk food, nor will you be tempted to throw away your healthy lifestyle. Eat this exquisite snack and thus you will contribute to your nutrition. You can eat it, if you do exercises, or just to for the pleasure of it.

Max Cookies from Max Protein can be a good snack or food between meals. Remember that in order to lose weight and stay healthy, you must have 6 meals a day that help you increase your metabolic rate, and the most important thing is that such foods be really nutritious and favorable for your diet. The truth is that sometimes a fruit or a bar of cereals cannot satisfy enough. Therefore, you need a food that fills your stomach a little more, which is something this product does very well, to such a degree that you could take it as a replacement for your usual snack. You will feel satisfied and at ease, having tasted this snack that is also surprisingly pleasant.

Max Cookies from Max Protein is a delicious snack that can help you satisfy your craving for sweets in a healthy way, while avoiding to feel tempted to eat sweets saturated with fattening sugars. These cookies contain proteins that are more easily digested than carbohydrates. And, on the other hand, they have a delicious taste that will give your palate great pleasure. They are sweet and healthy, so there is no reason to put aside a snack like this because they do not affect your figure negatively, but rather provide your body with ingredients that improve your diet. Have this product at your fingertips after exercising, or to eat healthy snack, or when you want to eat something healthy and tasty, away from home.

Facts of Max Cookies from Max Protein:

  • 36 g of proteins.
  • Delicious sweet taste.
  • Contributes to a nutritious diet.
  • Without palm oil.
  • Available in 4 flavors.
  • Contains MCT (Medium-Chain Triglycerides) oil.
  • No added sugars.

Max Cookies from Max Protein are nutritious and delicious protein cookies. Delight yourself with a perfect food as a collation that also reinforces the level of proteins in your body. It is a sweet snack that you can enjoy at anytime, anywhere.

Recommended use: to accompany snacks, collations or to eat between meals. Preferably take 1 a day.

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