Christmax Cream Flup is a new special edition of Jijona's nougat cream that Max Protein has designed to give us Christmases full of flavor since it is an exquisitely creamy and delicious nougat, made from almonds of supreme quality, kneaded and blended over a low heat, to enjoy and share a special moment. It is also perfect for you because it contains 0% sugars.

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Christmax Cream Flup from Max Protein: perfect to share a sweet, special and magnificently delicious moment this Christmas.

Christmax Cream Flup will turn this Christmas into the sweetest moment as it is the most delicious nougat cream that Max Protein has been able to give us to enjoy the best this Christmas.

In addition to being fabulously creamy and exquisite in flavor, it is also made with almonds of supreme quality, kneaded and browned over a low heat, by the hand of the artisans of Jijona. To top it off, it contains 0% added sugars, is free of palm oil and has no gluten.

Nougat is one of the most classic desserts at Christmas because its peculiar and delicious flavor fills us with joy and makes us feel how special it is to live those dates. The good thing is that Max Protein did not want to be left behind, so it designed, in the hands of the best artisans of Jijona, the supreme and exquisite nougat cream from Jijona, Christmax Cream Flup, in a special edition to taste at Christmas, together with family or friends and truly share a special moment.

With Christmax Cream Flup returns the tradition of nougat from Jijona, but in a divinely creamy presentation to enjoy, of exquisite aroma and prepared with almonds of supreme quality, kneaded and browned over low heat, ideal to enjoy from the first bite, the best Christmas sensation . In addition, Max Protein surprises us with this exquisite cream Christmax Cream Flup since it is also designed to take care of our wellbeing, firstly, because it contains 0% added sugar, is free of palm oil and, above, does not contain gluten, perfect to spread with any sandwich of bread, biscuit or toast and taste a deliciously healthy delicacy.

Facts of Christmax Cream Flup from Max Protein

  • Special edition of Jijona's nougat cream.
  • Delicious and exquisitely creamy to taste.
  • Made from almonds of supreme quality, kneaded and browned over a low heat.
  • Contains 0% added sugars.
  • Free of palm oil and gluten.
  • Contains all the traditional flavor of Christmas to enjoy.
  • Attractive and practical container.

Christmax Cream Flup is the ideal dessert to share at the Christmas Eve dinner, open the gifts and enjoy some of the most special and joyful dates of the year with the family. Of course, Max Protein should be present at this unique moment and there is no better way to achieve it than with a special edition of the delicious Jijona's nougat.

Recommended use: taste the Jijona's nougat cream with bread, cookies or toast and enjoy the best Christmas flavor. Keep the product in a cool and dry place.

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