matrix 5.0 - 2.45kg 5.4lb

matrix 5.0 - 2.45kg 5.4lb

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Matrix 5. 0 is the latest evolution of Syntrax protein.

What do you take it for?
Gaining muscle mass and strength, Effect: repair and build, Energy contribution (sustained release)
How is it taken?
Shake and take dosed or dilute, Dissolve in liquid and mix, Water
Size per dose
From one to three services, One service, From one to two services
How many times?
From one to three times a day, Once or twice a day
When should it be taken?
At any time of the day, Before and/or after training
Energy, Gain muscle mass
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Matrix 5.0 is the latest evolution of Syntrax protein. Although serum proteins have proven to be the best in terms of bioavailability and assimilation, mixtures of different speed of digestion and release proteins have shown to be superior to keep the body during more time in an anabolic and anticatabolic State.

Matrix 5.0, syntrax has achieved the perfect balance between the better isolated from whey micellar casein and albumin egg, a product with an unbeatable taste and great dissolution.

Now with Matrix 5.0 conseguiras that extra contribution of proteins to launch the development and recovery of your muscles without worrying about falling into State catabolico. In Matrix 5.0 only have used the raw materials of highest quality to achieve the best product. Simply vanilla and Perfect Chocolate flavors have been described as some of the more made of protein powder industry. They are simply delicious.

Egg albumin and serum protein mixture, Micellar Water.
Protein anabolic and Anticatabolicas (sustained release)
The best taste guaranteed!
With glutamine peptides
It mixes instantly

The problem: Typical proteins in containers of 2.3 kg which are lower in quality, contain maltodextrins that lead to fat, unpleasant taste, only disolvibles with Blender and containing only one class of proteins. There is no doubt that many of these \"typical\" proteins are cheap but...who wants to take something bad day after day?

Matrix 5.0 each meter dissolves perfectly in your favorite drink.

Matrix 5.0 this also enriched with glutamine peptides and it contains high concentrations of amino acids (BCAAs) Ramificados.

Supplement Facts (According to original label)
Serving: 1 bucket (31 grams)
Servings per sack: approximately 76 servings

Calories: 120
Calories fat News: 15

Total fat: 2 g
Of which saturated: 1 gr

Cholesterol: 30 mg
Carbohydrates: 3 g

Of which sugars: 2 g
Of which fiber: 1 g

Protein: 22 g

Calcium: 160 mg
I phosphorus: 150 mg
Magnesium: 30 mg
sodium: 140 mg
Potassium: 270 mg

Ingredients: Concentrated serum ultrafiltrate, not denatured, ultrafiltered milk protein concentrate and not denatured (including micellar caeinato), albumin of egg powder ducht cocoa, hydrolyzed wheat flour (including high levels of glutamine peptides), flavors and artificial flavourings, lecithin, aspartame, acesulfame K, sodium chloride.

Presentation: Flavor Chocolate in bag of 2.38 Kg and vanilla milkshake in 2.28 kg bag and orange flavor in 2.28 kg bag

  • 06/06/2016

Fácil disolución y buen sabor. Muy completa en la composición.

    • 02/01/2016

    Tiene un sabor muy agradable, con muy pocos azucares y carbohidratos

      • 12/20/2015

      Very taste (strawberry and vanilla are my favourites) and very good protein profile!

        • 09/21/2015

        Muy buen sabor el de cookies, buena disolución tanto con agua como con leche, aminograma bastante completo, y debido a sus diferentes tipos de proteína, es excelente para cualquier momento del día.

          • 12/23/2014

          El sabor vainilla no sabe a vainilla, es el peor que he probado, el aminograma está bien y los resultados veremos, no creo que lo vuelva a comprar porque sabe como a salvado. Otras marcas algo más caras tienen igual o mejor aminograma y de sabor están a años luz.

            • 12/11/2013

            Olvidate del aminograma, tiene que ir parejo la calidad quimica con el sabor. No lo recomiendo. Saludos!

              • 06/25/2013

              Muy bueno el sabor de Cookies, se mezclan bastante bien, me tomo uno o dos batidos al día y me están viniendo muy bien para definir (soy chica).

                • 02/18/2013

                Simplemente es una combinación perfecta de distintos tipos de proteina a parte de aportar una sensación de saciedad excelente.

                  • 02/08/2013

                  ottime proteine da diverse fonti gusto cioccolato e vaniglia davvero buonissimi,gusto biscotto non altrettanto,prezzo super,consigliatissime.

                    • 02/06/2013

                    bueniiiisima proteina; gran asimilación y digestion que es lo importante; no genera gases y el sabor chocolate es muy bueno, parecido a galletas cuetara de chocolate!! :)

                      • 01/26/2013

                      Mejor sabor del mercado. Para gente que entrenan por las mañanas o por las tardes. Recomiendo sabor cookies.

                        • 01/12/2013

                        Buena proteína para tomar antes de dormir mezclada de agua, o para desayunar junto con leche y algo de carbohidrtatos. La disolución no es muy buena que digamos pero se puede aguantar. El sabor de fresa es pasable. A mi particularmente no me gusta el envase, lo veo algo incómodo.

                          • 01/01/2013

                          Proteína bastante buena a nivel de su perfil nutricional. Aunque sin embargo falla un poco en el logro de sus sabores!!!

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