Massacra Episode 2 - 1300 g

Massacra Episode 2 The formula that fights the intense muscular exhaustion! From MASmusculo.

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What do you take it for? Energetic, vasodilator and antioxidant
How is it taken? Mix with water, juice or yogurt
How is it taken? Capsule / s with a glass of water
How many times? Once a day
When should it be taken? 30 minutes before training
Usos Performance increase

Massacra Episode 2
The formula that fights the intense muscular exhaustion!

From, we presente a first for Spain, the new version of Massacra: Massacra Episode 2, a re-invented and improved supplement that surpasses its predecessor that contain the most revolutionary components and breakers of the market to even guarantee better results than the first version.

Massacra Episode 2 is formed by different matrices especially designed to obtain the best pre-training, nitric oxide, amino acids and creatine supplement.

Matrix Crea-Magna Power
A matrix of seven types of creatine that assures that the muscular mass is provided with the necessary ATP for the optimal stimulation of the muscular anabolism, improving the training sessions and guaranteeing an immediate muscular development.

Creamino Maize-Sorb
This combination of energy source contains long maize starch chains of high molecular weight what provides an energy of maintained release that improves the absorption of creatine and amino acids. In addition it makes possible that the training last more, making possibnle more effective repetitions.

Glycero Plasmatrix
New and advanced glicerol matrix, essential vitamins and minerals that make possible an optimal muscular activity. This formula assures the hydration and cellular nutrition that the muscle needs during the training. A greater content of cytoplasm in the muscular cells increases the sanguineous circulation and improves the vascularity, favoring the active assimilation of oxygen, creatine and components what is translated in a greater gain of muscular mass.

Aminobolic Shot 2
The rich mixture of ingredients (L-Leucine, anti catabolic compound and guanidinopropinoic acid) works in a synergic way making possible the stimulation of the muscular anabolism and reducing the catabolism of the acidification of the muscular cells. The muscles will activate to grow and to protect themselves of the degradation, whereas the training can last much more and being more effective.

Energy Shot 2
A stimulating impulse of energy in the form of a great dose of caffeine along with other compounds that fight against the muscular fatigue makiing possible to reach a state of greater disposition to begin the training offering therefore a greater motivation and concentration to face an intense session of work.

Arg-NOx Shot 2
A new nitric oxide combination, L-Arginine and citrulline that make possible a greater absorption of nitric oxide providing a good sanguineous irrigation and stimulating the development and activity of the muscular mass.

If Massacra could convince you as the best nitric oxide product, do not doubt it more? Massacra Episode 2 is much more extreme!

Directions: As dietary supplement, mix the content of 1 bag (65 g) in 350 ml of cold water and consume it before training or between meals.

Product recommended only for adults. Not suitable for diabetics.

Supplement Facts
Serving size: 65 g
Doses per package: 20

Average per dose(65g)
48.1 g
That contains
7.0 g
Tri Malate of Creatine
Magnesium Chelate Creatine [CREATINE MAGNA POWER?]
Alfaketoglutarate creatine
Et?l ester Creatine HCl
Orotate of Creatine
Malate of etil ester creatine
Creatine CREAPURE?
Maize starch of high molecular chain

Complex of poli and oligosacarides

Monostearate glicerol
Calcium 850 mgs
Phosphorus 900 mgs
Magnesium 300 mgs
Potassium 100 mgs
B6 vitamin 4 mgs
1.4 mgs
15.8 g
of which:
Arg-NOx Shot 2:
5 g
Malate of Arginina
Ketoglutarate arginine
Malate de Citrulina
Ethyl Ester citrulline HCL
Energy Shot 2:
5.8 g
Acetil L-Carnitine
Metilxantinas (Caffeine)
120 mgs
Aminobolic Shot 2:
5.0 g
Calcium ?-hidroxi-?-metilbutyrate (CaHMB)

N-acetil L-glutamine [NAG]

Guanidinopropinic acid

Reviews Massacra Episode 2 - 1300 g

  • 03/16/2013

aun no lo he probado,he probado otros preentrenos como,nano vapor hardcore ,super pump 250,super pump max,no xplode 2.0(el anterior tambien).solo con super pump 250 note algo mas de intensidad y algo de congestion en mis entrenos,por eso pienso que massacra episode 2 me puede dar mas intensidad en los entrenos,ya que he leido cosas buenas de el.

  • 03/03/2013

Solo tendría un palabra para describir este producto y es DECEPCIONADO. Lo venden como si fuera lo mejor del mercado para un pre entreno / oxido nítrico, cosa que hay muchísimos mejores ( y cuando digo esto lo digo porque he probado muchísimos durante mis 10 años de gym) que le dan mil vueltas, aparte no se disuelve nada bien, se queda como arenoso, y sabor nada conseguido.

  • 03/13/2013

espectacular rendimiento, llegar al gym cansado de trabajar y que esto ademas de darte ganas te haga crecer, me quito el sombrero

  • 12/20/2012

Dá estimulo para treinar, e não deixa uma pessoa com os batimentos cardíacos acelerados, dá força, e alguma definição. Mas existem mais energéticos e definidores que este, mas têm efeitos secundários a nível de sistema nervoso, coisa que não sinto neste.

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