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Ultra Grips from Climaqx is a topical product ideal for athletes who perform routines with machines, weights or other daily workouts, exposing their hands to mistreatment and injuries such as blisters. It increases comfort, safety and gripability with this excellent product and prevents annoying injuries.

    Ultra Grips from Climaqx protects your hands from the daily routine for your best performance, basic and extreme training, Ultra Grips from Climaqx: the best protector for you.

    Ultra Grips from Climaqx are very comfortable and ergonomic, very flexible and resistant that avoid the callosities and sweating in the hands at the same time providing better grip on the instruments and equipment of the gym created for the consent of the athlete, indispensable for any type of sport activity or physical exercise, such as weight training or weight lifting. They allow you a perfect grip and being made of elastic materials that adapt perfectly to your hand giving you the best comfort for your hands.

    Ultra Grips from Climaqx thinking of your comfort to created a product thinking for you as you know they are very useful in the gym mainly for two things: the first to protect the hand, specifically the palm of your hand blisters or calluses. The second very important, you will be used to prevent the sweat prevents you from a bad grip and slip up giving you a discomfort and wasting your day in the gym because of that Climaqx has created the best for you especially since it is more hygienic, and do not leave your mark to the next one that uses the machine or apparatus.

    Ultra Grips from Climaqx are very practical when washing, in addition to practical are padded and reinforced with synthetic leather designed to have a better grip to fit better especially with breathable fabric for comfort. They also offer a more comfortable grip, allowing you to do the exercises in a slightly more pleasant way. In this way they allow you to perform exercises that you could not do as well as without gloves, even lifting more weight and not only make the grip more comfortable, but also prevent the appearance of hardness in the hands or pain by dumbbell pressure giving more firm grip. They also offer protection to the joints by wearing a band to protect the wrist. This is especially useful in bodybuilders, who wish to perform exercises where the wrist joint is over-stressed.

    Facts of Ultra Grips from Climaqx

    • Protects in a very safe way
    • Increases comfort
    • Safety on grip
    • Avoids calluses
    • They help you perform the most intense workout routines
    • Durable product

    Ultra Grips from Climaqx: a model designed for use and comfort since it offers an integral protection of the whole hand, and protecting the fingers. In this way the protection of the calluses of the fingers as a second skin is taken into account. They are firm and do not create annoying wrinkles when closing the hand or when opening it at all when there is a lot of tension. They can be used for all types of exercises outside and inside the gym: from pushups, dominated and pulleys only Climaqx can offer.

    Recommended Use: as a topical product, use at the time of pre-warming, and during training for better protection and care of your hands.

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