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Tank Top Great Summer - MASmusculo

Tank Top Great Summer from Masmusculo is made of 100% cotton fabric that provides you with softness, comfort and freshness. With adjustable armholes and double-stitched hem. It is hard-wearing, durable and of excellent quality that fits easily to the body. It can be hand/machine washed.

    Tank Top Great Summer from Masmusculo. Enjoy sports comfortably by wearing the super-slim tight-fitting shirt with adjustable armhole and double-stitched hem, excellent quality.

    Tank Top Great Summer from Masmusculo this garment represents a traditional way of describing the sport, is made of a fabric of fine cotton that makes it cooler, lighter and comfortable to wear, provides you with an unbeatable fit on the part of the abdomen; you should also take into account that you have the label printed on the side of the neck to release you from discomfort at the time of performing your exercises.

    Tank Top Great Summer from Masmusculo is made of 100% high-quality cotton, soft and hard-wearing, and has hypoallergenic properties. Garments made of these elements are classified as not reddening or swelling sensitive skins and does not cause hypersensitivity, easily sucking moisture of the body keeping it dry and do not stick to the epidermis, increasing the evaporation of sweat with the breeze. Achieve the perfect movement during the performance of your exercise routine.

    Tank Top Great Summer from Masmusculo is a very simple shirt to wash because of its cotton fabric, you can wash it in machine but you must place it upside down so that it does not lose the colors, use the shortest cycle, by hand preferably with cold water in order to protect your garment; on the other hand, it resists various washes with hot water because of the cotton fiber used. This product is colored perfectly so that it does not discolour with the washing, do not use chlorine so your garment will not wear.

    Facts of Tank Top Great Summer from Masmusculo

    • Made in cotton thread and tubular fabric.
    • The fabric is fresh, light and comfortable.
    • It can be washed by machine or hand.
    • It has adjustable armhole.
    • It has great durability.
    • Double-stitched hem.
    • High quality print.
    • It has hypoallergenic properties.

    Tank Top Great Summer from Masmusculo is a garment that is made in cotton, ideal for athletes because of its adjustable armhole which facilitates the performance of exercise routines, and also its freshness, softness and hard-wearing fabric which has a tubular fabric that provides an unbeatable fit on the part of the abdomen with its double-stitched hem and excellent quality, sucking the moisture from the body while keeping your skin dry.

    Recommended use: as a garment or sports accessory for training, also during the summer for better comfort and freshness.

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