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Shirt Neo from Neo Pro Line is an ideal garment for sportsmen and/or athletes who practice some physical activity or sport such as gymnastics, fitness, bodybuilding, among others, where comfort is vital to achieve an excellent execution. In addition, it has a vibrant green color and black color that will not go unnoticed.

    Shirt Neo from Neo Pro Line fits the body, with a wonderful design and color to the fashion, giving maximum comfort.

    Shirt Neo from Neo Pro Line is the perfect garment for people who practice some physical activity, since in any of them it is necessary to have adequate clothing, which provides comfort and above all with the certainty that it will not break, regardless how intense the exercises are or routines executed. On the other hand, it has breathable fabrics which are very important when choosing sportswear, because when doing physical activities such as those mentioned above sweat is expelled through the pores and this type of fabric helps to have comfort; available in all sizes (S small, medium M, large L and XL extra large) for all body types.

    Shirt Neo from Neo Pro Line with its exceptional short-sleeved design and adjustable neck, brings the figure of the athletic bodies out, that is, those that already have their musculature built or those that are in that process, bringing out each part and for which they have worked. This shirt helps to have good flexibility that undoubtedly impacts on the effective compliance of your daily routines, providing maximum strength and durability, also does not discolor, does not shrink, does not require ironing, for that reason, it is hard-wearing.

    Shirt Neo from Neo Pro Line in addition to offering maximum comfort, offers a beautiful and original design in its Neo Pro Line logo, in black, in the case of the green shirt, printed in the front of it. To that effect, this product will make you look great either in a gym or outdoors. Showing up that the comfort of the people who wear it is one of the priorities of the brand, accompanied by an excellent design.

    Facts of Shirt Neo from Neo Pro Line

    • Breathable fabrics
    • Offers maximum comfort
    • Fits all body types
    • Fashionable color
    • Wonderful design
    • Does not wrinkle
    • No ironing required
    • Does not shrink
    • Neo Pro Line logo print

    Shirt Neo from Neo Pro Line with its beautiful green color and black color that does not go out of fashion, maintaining its validity over time, gives well-being, safety and a impeccable and fabulous look. Investing in the purchase of this shirt, you get a product that will last for a long time because of its high quality standards. It is the perfect shirt for training!

    Recommended Use: as a garment wear the shirt as usual. Also, it does not lose its shape.

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