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Protein Cookie from MASmusculo consists of delicious protein biscuits that you must try and incorporate into your diet, and thus enjoy a healthier lifestyle. It is high in proteins, fiber and calcium, and low in carbohydrates. Delight yourself with its delicious taste, which is excellent for breakfast, snack or as a healthy collation.

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    Protein Cookie from MASmusculo is very appetizing, crunchy and incredibly healthy. Enjoy its incredible taste and its high protein content! A snack you will not stop eating!

    Protein Cookie from MASmusculo is a delicious protein cookie of excellent taste, which you can eat without worrying about your figure/physique. It is high in proteins, calcium and fiber, and low in carbohydrates.

    It also lacks gluten, wheat or added sugars. You can satisfy your appetite with these cookies as they will provide important nutrients, for example, proteins, which are always vital for a good diet because they provide your body with essential amino acids. It can be the snack to indulge yourself with in your diet, since it contains a lot of fiber with which you will satisfy your desire to eat, without this having a significant impact on your body weight.

    Protein Cookie from MASmusculo can become your daily protein source, if you are interested in improving your diet. You do not necessarily have to consume a lot of meat and dairy products to meet your daily requirements. In fact, if you consume them in exaggerated amounts, your body would be receiving a high amount of fats. It is estimated that a person needs about 0.8 g daily per body weight to meet their demands of amino acids. And these delicious cookies can help you complete your requirements as you can combine them with other healthy foods such as pate and cream cheese. Choose the way you want to enjoy its delicious taste and tempting crunchy texture.

    Choose Protein Cookie from MASmusculo to eat between meals. Check for yourself its delicious flavor combined with butter and honey, or with cheese and red fruit jam. Choose also to try them with cream cheese, berries and also with peanut butter. Use your creativity to take advantage of the power of these delicious cookies. Please, be smart and stop acquiring unhealthy commercial snacks. Instead, buy this product and take it with you to avoid eating junk food at times of anxiety. It can even be your healthy and tasty snack after exercising. You can also share these cookies with your whole family, as they are delicious and will be an excellent snack that even your children can enjoy.

    Food composition per pack of 64 g of chocolate-flavored cookies:

    • Contains 16.3 g of protein.
    • Provides 2.7 g of carbohydrates, of which 0.9 g are sugars.
    • Offers 7.5 g of dietary fiber.
    • Has 224 mg of calcium.
    • Has 13.9 g of fats, of which 5.3 g are saturated.

    * These values ​​vary with the flavor chosen.

    Protein Cookie from MASmusculo is a delicious protein cookie, with a crunchy texture, that you have to give yourself the pleasure of trying. Its abundant protein content will healthily contribute to your diet and also to boost your levels of energy. It is excellent to start the day on the right foot, or to eat between meals, with the certainty that it will have a minimal impact on your body weight.

    Recommended use: for daily consumption, in breakfasts, snacks or between meals.

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