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Personalized trainer by Roberto Castellano -

Do you want to get a professional body? Do not you manage to evolve and improve your performance? Do you plan to prepare for a competition? Do not wait any longer, and get the personal trainer by Roberto Castellano.

    Get the Professional trainer by Roberto Castellano

    First, I would like to clarify my focus on this sector of fitness and bodybuilding, I started at age 15 and compete at 20 where the first year I won international as a junior, I have already more than 60 competitions as of 2018 and I can say that all this sector is going to shit, intrusion, contradictory studies, more trainers than practitioners, rare and novel ways of doing everything that has already been known for years but with technicalities and entangled all in a halo of confusion from which many benefit . It is a macro industry that has lost for me the best of this sport, which is the capacity for sacrifice and suffering that it brings, as well as the fun of enjoying the training because ...

    I do not promise spectacular results because I'm not a shaman who takes 2 legs of frog and blood of snake and makes you a champion or champion, I'm just someone who knows physiology and training and adapt your diet to a bearable lifestyle, you send effective training but suffered (always goes hand in hand), and look for your health in the entire process because the only clear thing is that to achieve something in this sport and your body you must be healthy, and wear easy and bearable habits that you allow you to continue with your day to day so that when you least expect it comes what you were looking for, the perception of time is relative and when we spend time suffering everything goes slower and in the end we give up.

    I do not do miracles, you must do them, but at least I can tell you how to do them in a simpler and more bearable way, be it in regaining health, losing weight, taking it, competing ...

    Roberto Castellano main studies :

    • Bachelor of science in physical activity and sports
    • Higher degree of nutrition
    • Average pharmacy degree
    • National coach of bodybuilding, fitness and bodybuilding by the weightlifting federation
    • Personal trainer of strength sports by the weightlifting federation
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    Questions and answers
    El precio es mensual?
    2019-12-28 00:28:15 Edu
    Hola el precio mensual es el que indica la Web. Un saludo
    2019-12-28 11:12:49 Jose
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    Hola, el asesoramiento incluye dieta y entrenamiento?
    2019-08-29 13:53:55 Christian
    Hola si todo esta incluido. Un saludo
    2019-08-31 11:21:15 Beltran
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    Saludos y buen día: Este asesoramiento se realiza online ¿cierto? es decier ¿Nos encontrariamos en video-conferencia para ejecutar el proceso? Gracias.
    2018-09-03 07:05:47 Ivan
    Buenos dias , sí es online, para que tengas mas info sobre el asesoramiento nos puedes enviar un correo a info@masmusculo.com gracias un saludo.
    2018-09-03 09:28:39 Joel
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