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AT Team Crossfitters Pack - MASmusculo


AT Team Crossfitters Pack by MASmusculo is an incredible savings pack that contains a full range of nutritional supplements that combine perfectly to achieve more and better results; it is recommended for athletes and/or sportspeople whose training includes constant, varied and high intensity exercises.

Pack content
Whey protein80 - 2 kg
1 x
Collagen + MSM + Magnesium - 250g
1 x

Improve your physical performance and get better results with AT Team Crossfitters Pack by MASmusculo, a set of supplements that guarantee greater efficiency and safety.

AT Team Crossfitters Pack by MASmusculo is a set of supplements that helps consumers get all the vitamins, minerals, amino acids and other essential nutrients to achieve better physical performance. However, each of the products that make it up are made with high quality ingredients, carefully selected to ensure unmatched results.

What is the AT Team Crossfitters Pack by MASmusculo?

  • Food supplements
  • It contains various products
  • They complement each other perfectly
  • Increase efficiency
  • Contribute to sports performance
  • It can be consumed by both women and men
  • Ideal for intensity athletes and/or sportspeople

Composition of AT Team Crossfitters Pack by MASmusculo

AT Team Crossfitters Pack by MASmusculo comes in powder, capsules, pearls, among others, divided into wonderful nutritional supplements that are easily dissolved and absorbed.

Content for each supplement:

Whey Protein 80 per 100 g (vanilla flavor):

  • It has an energy value of 395.54 Kcal
  • It has 6.49 grams of fat, of which 4.75 grams are saturated, among other ingredients.

Beta Alanine per 100 g:

  • It contains 100 g of beta alanine

MSM per capsule:

  • Contains 177 mg of MSM
  • It has 133 mg of glucosamine sulfate, among other ingredients.

Omega 369 per pearl:

  • It has 332 g of fish oil
  • It has 3.35 mg of vitamin E, among other ingredients.
  • BCAA 2:1:1 per tablet:
  • It contains 500 mg of L-Leucine
  • It has 250 mg of L-Valine
  • It has 250 mg of L-Isoleucine

Multi Vitamins per capsule:

  • It contains 80 mg of vitamin C
  • It has 16 mg of vitamin B3, among other ingredients.
  • Creatine per 100 g:
  • It has an energy value of 399.96 Kcal
  • It has 99.99 of creatine, among ohter natural ingredients.

Why consume the AT Team Crossfiters Pack by MASmusculo?

This wonderful pack has all the necessary supplements to achieve a better performance on a physical level, allowing you to get the most out of each workout and achieve the expected results in the short, medium and long term. On the other hand, AT Team Crossfitters Pack by MASmusculo also helps to reduce expenses since, for less money you can buy more products that work together to help increase the development of muscle mass, increase strength, improve joint health , among other benefits that promote a healthier lifestyle.

AT Team Crossfitters Pack by MASmusculo is ideal for anyone who lives a physically active life and wants to improve physical performance; It is recommended for elite athletes and/or sportspeople whose training demands a lot of physical effort.

Recommended use of the AT Team Crossfiters Pack.

  • As a dietary supplement, take a serving (30 g) of Whey Protein with 250-300 ml of water or skim milk 1 or 2 times a day, 1 g of Beta Alanine after breakfast and 1 g before training, take 1 capsule of MSM per day, 1 to 3 Omega 369 pearls per day, 3 to 5 tablets of BCAA 2:1:1 divided before and after training, 1 capsule of Multi Vitamins per day after breakfast and finally 10 to 20 g of Creatine 3 or 4 times a day.
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