Nail Strengthener with Gelatin from Mason Natural is a nutritional supplement made from gelatin and a plus of calcium and magnesium that together help to strengthen the nails, stimulate their growth, prevent the weakening and provide an adequate health to this tissue so important for the body.

Nail strengthener with gelatin - 60 caps

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    Nail Strengthener with Gelatin from Mason Natural: natural formula that strengthens, beautifies and endows our nails with health.

    Nail Strengthener with Gelatin from Mason Natural is a nutritional supplement with an authentic formula that incorporates all the advantages of calcium, magnesium and gelatine for strengthening nails. Adding it to your daily intake is ideal for stimulating growth, providing strength and preventing it from becoming brittle. While it is true that most nail products are focused on maintenance from an external application, this time, Mason Natural brings us an adequate alternative to do it internally, providing our body with nutrients needed to enjoy healthier, stronger and longer nails.

    It is important to keep in mind that external care is not enough to maintain healthy nails, as we might know, what makes them grow or healthy is proper nutrition. However, sometimes the diet does not meet the requirements, therefore, nutritional supplementation is an ideal alternative to meet the needs and provide health this tissue so essential for the protection of the fingers. Generally, calcium and magnesium are two key nutrients in the growth of nails because the former prevents them from becoming thin and easily break, and the second, stimulates growth and positively improves their healthy appearance. Fortunately, Nail Strengthener with Gelatin from Mason Natural not only incorporates calcium and magnesium for the beautiful appearance of nails, but also an appropriate percentage of gelatine, a naturally occurring ingredient involved in the formation of keratin to strengthen, beautify and provide health to the tissues of the body. In addition, thanks to its high content of amino acids, it is very beneficial to combat fragility. Best of all, this excellent supplement comes in a comfortable capsule format, bringing to our comfort a wonderful advantage to take care of the nails and from anywhere.

    Facts of Nail Strengthener with Gelatin from Mason Natural

    • Made from gelatine obtained naturally with a plus of calcium and magnesium
    • Stimulates the strengthening of the nails
    • Beautifies and prevents fragility
    • Stimulates growth
    • Intervenes in the formation of keratin to provide health nails
    • Meets the calcium and magnesium requirements for nail growth
    • Pack of 60 capsules easy to carry and consume

    Nails have an important function in our body, usually protect the sensitive ends and provide support against injuries, so your care is imperative. The good news is that Nail Strengthener with Gelatin from Natural Mason is a natural product to give the deserved attention to these tissues.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take 1 capsule daily with a main meal and a glass of water.

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