DANGER shirt from Masmusculo is a specially designed shirt for training. It is a perfect garment for practicing bodybuilding and ideal for workout at the gym. The DANGER shirt from Masmusculo is flexible, for men strength training. It is a garment that will make you look better than ever, marks your body and highlights the shoulders.


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    DANGER shirt from Masmusculo: The ideal shirt for bodybuilding fans.

    DANGER shirt from Masmusculo is a sports shirt ideal to perform the most intense workouts, achieving comfort and full range in all movements.

    DANGER shirt from Masmusculo is made of cotton and 100% of comfortable highly breathable fabric. It also offers a modern and exclusive Masmusculo´s design. This garment is manufactured with a fabric of 100% high quality cotton and comes with a fabulous printed Danger, masmusculo.com. This sports garment is designed to be used during male physical activity. It's a shirt made with the quality and warranty of Masmusculo´s products.

    Masmusculo has used 100% cotton fabric to achieve a shirt with soft and breathable properties and efficient action during workouts. It is also made of fabric with hypoallergenic qualities that will not irritate the sensitive skin and does not cause allergies. Furthermore, it does not generate the annoying static electricity. Garments which are in contact with the skin have to be made of 100% cotton, for example, shirts and underwear.

    Masmusculo uses in the manufacture of this garment, natural raw material, having no content of chemicals. This raw material also has highly breathable qualities and optimize air circulation between the garment and skin thus achieving to slow the growth of fungi. Synthetic fabrics do not have that ventilation and tight garments made of these materials sometimes cause the development of fungi.

    DANGER shirt from Masmusculo is designed to absorb moisture from the body and keep it dry, thereby improving evaporation of perspiration in the air. Cotton also has the ability to absorb heat from the skin, making a cool and comfortable body in situations of high temperatures.

    DANGER shirt from Masmusculo is a strong garment created to withstand the toughest requirements of the most intense workouts. It has been developed with cotton that resists the abrasion of everyday´s machine washing and in hot water. Cotton fibers have an optimum capacity to absorb the colors the shirt is colored with.

    Features of DANGER shirt from Masmusculo

    • It is a garment that allows full range movements.
    • It has the absorbtion and breathing abilities on the skin.

    Wearing DANGER shirt from Masmusculo, your movements will be more free and comfortable and you will not have to think about the annoying garmets that hinders your exercises, you just have to focus on the effort and growth of your body, you will only think about that while wearing the DANGER shirt from Masmusculo. 

    Recommended use: It is recommended that the DANGER shirt from Masmusculo be washed inside out in short washing cycle and should be left to dry in the shade, to avoid loss of colors.

    Reviews DANGER shirt

    • 03/30/2017


      • 01/25/2017

      Buena calidad

        • 11/18/2016

        Algodón de calidad, los logos parecen bien estampados, habrá que esperar a los consiguientes lavados.

          • 10/28/2016

          Parece que tiene calidad la tela.es bonita

            • 09/22/2016

            Muy chula, cómoda y bastante útil! Muy recomendable!

              • 08/12/2016

              Muy chulo el diseño

                • 08/03/2016

                Buena calidad del tejido y maxima comodidad. Muy buen diseño.

                  • 07/28/2016

                  genial la calidad de la tela, queda como un guante, fué un regalo por el pedido, está genial

                    • 07/18/2016

                    Está muy guapa la camiseta y la talla es exacta, la frase está genial.

                      • 07/15/2016

                      Buena camiseta y de buen material con mensaje original

                        • 07/12/2016

                        Queda super bien y es de un tejido de algodón que le da una buena calidad por lo menos por el momento muy contento

                          • 06/22/2016

                          Muy bonita y cómoda. Serigrafía de calidad y perfecta para gymrats

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