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Sweet Anise - 700 ml

Prohibited to sold to those under 18 years old. The exquisite Sweet Anise is a rich liqueur that will exceed your expectations from the very firt sip, since it has a sweet, hot taste but delicious and a delicate consistency that makes it ideal to drink it on its own or blended with other drinks to taste new and exquisite flavors.

    Sweet Anise from Martes Santo has a appetizing sweet taste and a subtle consistency that will make you want to eat it every hour.

    Sweet Anise from Martes Santo is an exquisite liqueur that has an authentic identity, as it combines a delicious sweet taste with seeds of anise, which makes it perfect for drinking it in countless ways.

    To begin with, you can drink it on its own. It is also ideal for blending and create other drinks. Likewise, if you prefer, some of this liqueur is very rich for seasoning certain pastries. Sweet Anise from Martes Santo is a liqueur that has an excellent quality, even if compared to spirits recognized worldwide. It is made by the most distinguished experts in the traditional way (handmade), which have collected the most select natural anise seeds, mixed with syrup, in order to subject it through a strict distilling process that powers the best of these seeds in one drink.

    Thanks to this, ideally, Sweet Anise from Martes Santo gains a sweet sidenote that burns when taking it, but tastes very delicious. Likewise, it has a subtle texture and looks crystal clear which makes it perfect to drink it at any time. Generally, this liqueur is ideal to be included in bars, pouring it as it is. Also, drink lovers prefer to blend it and create other drinks, even with a small portion of this product you can prepare a delicious cocktail.

    Moreover, the pleasure of drinking a glass of Sweet Anise from Martes Santo is not only recommended to escape the monotony and immerse yourself in a delicious flavor and delicate consistency, surprisingly, this liqueur is known for being a digestive drink. In that way, a swill of this drink after lunch will ensure a better digestion, helping you to avoid a heavy stomach and feel quiet after having lunch or dinner.

    In the preparation of pastries, Sweet Anise from Martes Santo can offer flavors that captivate, in that way, many people when prepare recipes add a little of this liqueur and achieve really nice aromas and very tasty flavors. An example is the mixture of biscuits, cupcakes, cookies, among others.

    Facts of Sweet Anise from Martes Santo

    • Made of natural anise seeds and syrup.
    • Handmade distilled.
    • Has a sweet, hot and rather exquisite taste.
    • After eating agrees with the digestion.
    • Ideal to drink on its own, blended with other drinks or to add to recipes.
    • Prohibited to sold to those under 18 years old.

    Due to its sweetness and taste, Sweet Anise from Martes Santo is a drink irresistible to any palate, therefore, you should include it in your bar at home.

    Recommended use: pour in a glass and enjoy it on its own. You can also use it to prepare cocktails or blend it with other alcoholic drinks to create new ones. It is also perfect to season pastries.

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