Sale forbidden to those under age 18. Panther's Milk from Martes Santo is a traditional drink based on condensed milk, gin and cinnamon that will give our palate an exquisite taste. Made using handmade methods, top-quality natural raw materials and without adding colorings or artificial flavorings. A drink to enjoy at home or with friends.

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Panther's Milk from Martes Santo: traditional drink made using top-quality handmade methods.

Panther's Milk is a fine and tasty condensed milk liqueur cream made in Martes Santo's handmade distillery, originally from the Spanish Legion and converted into a traditional Tercio drink. One of its main characteristics is that it possesses an incomparable flavor, gourmet-like, to bring to our comfort an exquisite nectar.

A long time ago, Panther Milk was considered a typical drink of the Spanish Legion, as soldiers considered it a nutritious drink, easy to prepare in difficult situations and very accommodating for satiety. Fortunately, nowadays, thanks to the Martes Santo's distilleries, the traditional production of this delicacy with more than 90 years old has been resumed, with the good news that the company has improved the recipe by means of handmade methods and top-quality natural raw materials to achieve the production of an exquisite liqueur cream.

A selection of ingredients such as condensed milk, gin liqueur and a pinch of cinnamon have been used to prepare this product. The best thing of all is that unlike other alternatives in the market, Martes Santo has strived to offer a product without artificial colorings or aromas, that is, all its constitution is completely natural, ideal for the consumption of all those people who love taste the best toddy and completely preserved in their original properties. Nor should we fail to mention that Martes Santo is a family business that has had a long history in recent years in the preparation of beverages, recognized in the sector as a manufacturer of highly guaranteed, safe and great products. This time, Panther's Milk is no exception, it is even one of its best productions to drink and taste an exquisite drink. Finally, to further enhance its taste, it can be poured cold and add ice cubes, the result will be a typical and incredibly divine nectar.

Facts of Panther's Milk from Martes Santo

  • A base of condensed milk, gin, cinnamon and other ingredients
  • Made using handmade methods
  • Contains no artificial colorings or flavorings
  • Creamy consistency and exquisite flavor
  • Product of top-quality and of traditional origin
  • 700 ml bottle

There is nothing more pleasant than to get home or be in a meeting with friends and enjoy a nice flavored liqueur drink, so Panther's Milk from Martes Santo is a good option to enjoy and try an unbeatable traditional product.

Recommended Use: pour in a glass or glass and enjoy. You can also add ice or cinnamon to taste.

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