Sale forbidden to those under 18 years. Organic Gin London Dry Premium from Martes Santo is a magnificent drink. It is made in the traditional way, with system of distillation with firewood boiler and a thorough maceration. Furthermore, it is bi-distilled. The result is a gin with a unique taste and 100% original.

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Organic Gin London Dry Premium from Martes Santo

Organic Gin London Dry Premium from Martes Santo is an excellent drink to have a good time in events and special moments. This gin has the attribute of having been distilled using two methods that distill independently.

The result is an unique gin, which taste produces amazing sidenotes. Its handmade quality takes off its property of alcoholic beverage, being a gin with a unique taste. Right after doing 4 double distillations, only the purest part is chosen and several botanies are used to give it aroma and taste. Once the mixture is made, a fifth distillation is done which manages to give it the final taste. Thanks to that, it has an extra of freshness. Raw materials are eminently natural, being some of them the molasses alcohol, pure water from the springs of the Natural Park Sierra Aracena and Arocha Peaks. Because of that, it is a magnificent alternative is for all lovers of gin, is synonym with great quality and texture. It is worth mentioning that its method of production adapts to the standards of the European Union.

The lovers of gin have a magnificent option in this product. It is not about one of the so many gins that there is in supermarkets. This has a rather unique and special taste, because of its process of elaboration, which is not industrial, but of handmade features. In fact, it is made using double distillation, in other words, it is used a couple of distillers to carry out the process of purification. Later, botanies are added to give it taste and aroma. It is worth mentioning that in its distillation, the traditional method based on firewood boiler and a very thorough maceration are used. This makes Organic Gin London Dry Premium from Martes Santo extremely special. The same one has magnificent qualities for tasting and it should be taste it by every lover of this kind of drinks, since it is extremely different and original.

Facts of Organic Gin London Dry Premium from Martes Santo

  • Excellent gin
  • With a touch of freshness and innovation
  • Double destillation
  • With several botanies to add aroma and taste
  • Exquisite to the palate
  • Several distillations
  • A gin with a unique taste

This gin is unlike the ones that are sold commercially, because it is made using handmade techniques that include a bi-distillation. Furthermore, have 14 botanies that give a magnificent aroma and taste.

Recommended use: close the bottle once open, having a good time by drinking slowly to feel the aroma and taste.

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