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Limoncello - 700ml

Sale forbidden to those under age 18. Limoncello from Martes Santo is a sweet liqueur based on lemon perfectly macerated in select spirits, which has an incredible flavor that makes it unique and suitable to enjoy with friends, along with exquisite foods and can even be added to dessert recipes.

    Limoncello from Martes Santo: Lemon flavored and incredibly exquisite liqueur to be tasted at least once in a lifetime.

    Limoncello from Martes Santo is an exquisite lemon liqueur made from the craft distillery of Martes Santo, ideal to taste like a shot in a meeting with friends or family. Best of all, in the process of making this drink, natural ingredients of the highest quality were used, without adding artificial colorings or flavorings, that is, a recommended alternative for all those who like to drink the best nectars and completely preserved in their original properties.

    Generally, Limoncello is a nectar of sweet liqueur that is obtained from the maceration of lemons in selected alcohols, nevertheless, it is not any product obtained from the lemon, Martes Santo strives to use rigorous handmade formulas, using top-quality raw materials to bring to our table a lemon liqueur completely delicious and very well flavored. One of the main advantages of having the best Limoncello is that it is very appropriate to enjoy on its own, very cold and without ice.

    Even thanks to its consistency and pure citrus essence it is suitable for adding to recipes for desserts and pastries. Many people know how to enjoy, usually, take it easy and accompanied by appetizers or exquisite dishes to exploit its flavor. Fortunately, as it gets older, it gets richer, so, lovers of spirits and good drinks add it to their collections. Now, another of the very important feature of Limoncello from Tuesday Santo and what we can not fail to mention is that it is a natural product, that is, it does not add artificial colorings or flavorings to its preparation, which makes it unique and recommended for all those who love the drinks coming from handmade methods and preserved in their original properties.

    Facts of Limoncello from Martes Santo

    • Made in craft distillery using premium raw materials
    • A base of nectar and lemon essence
    • Without artificial colorings or flavorings
    • Exquisite flavor and consistency suitable for taking as a shot
    • Suitable for adding desserts or pastry recipes
    • 700 ml bottle

    Taking a shot of Limoncello from Martes Santo is one of the pleasures that must be tried at least once in life and no matter the time of year, whether served cold or at room temperature is always very pleasing to the palate.

    Recommended use: place Limoncello from Martes Santo in a refrigerator for a long time or until the moment of consuming it. Take out, open, serve in glasses, tropical cocktails and enjoy.

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