Sale forbidden to those under 18 years. Case with 4 Mini Gins from Martes Santos is a case containing 4 bottles of popular and delicious spirits, each with a capacity of 100 ml. From a wide range of excellent flavors and different distillations, 4 were chosen. This product is ideal for in a meeting with friends, family, among others.

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Mark the special occasions life gives you with Case with 4 Mini Gins from Martes Santos, practical case for varied and demanding tastes.

This fantastic product comes in a case containing 4 bottles of gin in different natural flavors, among these drinks, it is found one made with iris flower which has a striking blue color, there are also two bottles combining strawberries, blackcurrants, raspberries, and blackberries, with different distillations (the pink bidistilled and the red tridistilled) and finally, the london DRY of transparent color. Additionally, these drinks are contained in 100 ml bottles, at 40°. On the other hand, the drinks that make up Case with 4 Mini Gins from Martes Santos passed through a distillation process different from the one used by other brands, as it is prepared in a traditional way, that is, using copper stills heated with firewood. This is an ecological product, which means, that is friendly with the environment.

Case with 4 Mini Gins from Martes Santos is great to be used in meetings, whether with friends, family or business colleagues, plus it is comes in excellent flavors and quality. It ornates any festive decoration, both for its beautiful colors and the avant-garde design of the bottles, and also for the typography printed on each, giving a touch of modernity, style and originality. In this order of ideas, this product is great for giving it as a special present to any person you want, which will bring out your good taste for quality drinks, especially for the exquisite ones.

These spirits can only be drunk by adults, either men or women who want to drink something delicious, with a delicate texture but also soft to the palate. In this regard, Case with 4 Mini Gins from Martes Santos is the perfect spirit for nice, fun moments and for holding any event or festival, being able to choose among 4 incredible flavors that will delight even the most demanding drinkers.

Facts of Case with 4 Mini Gins from Martes Santos

  • Case with gins of different flavors and distillations.
  • Each bottle shows a beautiful design.
  • The logo of the brand has been printed on each case and its bottles.
  • At 40°.
  • Each bottle has a capacity of 100 ml.
  • Made with ecological fruits.
  • Handmade traditional distillation.
  • Completely natural product.
  • Environmentally friendly.
  • Sale forbidden to those under 18 years.

Case with 4 Mini Gins from Martes Santos, without any doubt, is the perfect gift for lovers of this type of drinks; assorted in very special flavors designed to please different tastes. Besides, these bottles are an excellent decoration due to its spectacular design and distinctive brand logo.

Recommended use: as a spirit, open any bottle and pour according to your personal taste.

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