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Caramel Vodka - 700ml

Sale forbidden to those under age 18. Caramel Vodka from Martes Santo is a distilled drink of great quality and flavor, composed by a classic vodka sweetened with caramel, giving it a unique flavor ideal to share with friends, mix or accompany any type of food. A drink made by a distillery of great tradition.

    Caramel Vodka from Martes Santo, delicious and pleasant to the palate.

    Vodka is a distilled alcoholic beverage. It has been discussed since its inception the origin between Russia and Poland. It is generally produced through the fermentation of grains and plants rich in starch, such as rye, wheat, or potato and normally the alcohol content of vodka is between 37% and 50% of the volume.

    The process of making the vodka follows 4 essential steps, these are: Preparation, Distillation, Filtration and Dissolution. Everything begins with the preparation of vegetable juice, which is obtained by pressing the raw material, be it rye, wheat, potato or other product with water. It is subjected to high temperatures to convert its starch into sugar, transforming the juice into a thick liquid called must. Then, by distillation with continuous stills, the base spirit (with a high degree of alcohol) is obtained, after this process, it is reduced to the graduation of the vodka, adding water and then filtering and purifying the drink, at which point eliminate the aromatic elements, to achieve that drink without flavor, for this process, charcoal is used. The case of Caramel Vodka from Martes Santo varies a little, because at the time of distillation, the caramel is added, which added to the water, decrease the alcohol degree of vodka, so less filtering is needed to maintain the flavor and color of the caramel itself, distinctive of the drink.

    Making this one to have an elite flavor, intense but tenderly sweetened by the caramel, with which the amber color, characteristic of this delicious drink is obtained. Caramel Vodka from Martes Santo is produced using the best processes of distillation, producing vodka of great quality and an incomparable flavor, making Martes Santo a distillery of great quality and tradition. In addition to all its ingredients are collected from Sierra de Aracena and Picos de Aroche Natural Park, respecting and taking advantage of the environment where they live.

    Facts of Caramel Vodka from Martes Santo

    • Produced and distilled using the best ingredients.
    • Natural ingredients.
    • Traditional processing.
    • Vodka sweetened with caramel.
    • Delicious taste.
    • Ideal for mixing or drinking on its own.
    • Attractive classic style glass container.

    Caramel Vodka from Martes Santo is ideal for all those people who love vodka and above all, a good drink, is also ideal for those people who like to mix and create delicious drinks and enjoy them on their own or accompanied, also have the seal of quality of Martes Santo, a Sevillian distillery of high quality and long history.

    Recommended Use: open and enjoy in moderation.

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