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Royal Jelly & Lecithin 1000 mg - 90 capsules

Royal Jelly & Lecithin 1000 mg from Marnys is a supplement that provides your body with the nutritional qualities of royal jelly mixed with soy lecithin. By taking this product, both natural compounds boost your energy metabolism, giving you more physical and mental performance. This supplement even offers nutrients vital for the full health of your nervous system.

    Royal Jelly & Lecithin 1000 mg from Marnys strengthens your nervous system and provides your body and mind with additional energy and vitality.

    Royal Jelly & Lecithin 1000 mg from Marnys is a dietary supplement based on royal jelly and natural soy lecithin. It is a product with a great nutritional contribution rich in fatty acids, amino acids, vitamins, minerals, proteins and carbohydrates, which favor the energy metabolism of your body. In addition, this supplement is useful to strengthen your nervous system.

    Royal Jelly & Lecithin 1000 mg from Marnys is a supplement that combines the benefits of royal jelly with the excellent properties provided by soy lecithin. Both ingredients are highly valued in the diet, as they guarantee an enormous percentage of nutrients, among which you can find trace elements, unsaturated fatty acids, vitamin E, carbohydrates, proteins, minerals (copper, silicon, magnesium and phosphorus), as well as antioxidant compounds.

    The appropriate nutritional contribution offered by Royal Jelly & Lecithin 1000 mg from Marnys is absorbed by your organism synergistically and then is essentially transformed into pure energy, mainly to offer you a magnificent vitalizing and restorative support, which can be of excellent benefit in situations where you need to perform better, either physically or intellectually.

    In fact, one of the main benefits of royal jelly is to stimulate your metabolism, so this supplement is a good help to combat tiredness and daily fatigue. On the other hand, the soy lecithin included in this supplement provides a high contribution of phospholipids, which are incredibly important for cells and especially the nervous system. Therefore, by taking this supplement you will be increasing the optimal and very healthy functioning of your body. It can even be of great nutritional support to contribute to the function and muscle tone.

    Royal Jelly & Lecithin 1000 mg from Marnys will be of great help, especially if you play sports, whatever the level. By taking it daily, you will perform to the maximum in your training and you will be able to take care of the health of your entire body. In addition, this product contains a pure and natural concentration to guarantee extremely satisfying effects.

    Facts of Royal Jelly & Lecithin 1000 mg from Marnys

    • Stimulates your metabolism, providing your body with maximum energy.
    • Brings health to your nervous system and improves its functions.
    • Contributes to reduce fatigue.
    • Enriches your diet with substantial nutrients.
    • Offers high concentration of royal jelly and soy lecithin.
    • Natural.
    • Of pleasant absorption.
    • Easy-to-swallow capsules.

    If you need more energy, then do not hesitate to incorporate into your diet Royal Jelly & Lecithin 1000 mg from Marnys: the best supplement to provide your body with energy and benefit your full health.

    Recommended use: every day take a capsule of Royal Jelly & Lecithin 1000 mg from Marnys before breakfast, with plenty of liquid, either water or juice.

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