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Propolis + Echinacea - 90 caps

Propolis + Echinacea from Marnys is a nutritional supplement presented in capsules that contributes to the normal functioning of the auto-immune system. It regulates the functions of the respiratory system so that it works properly and thus avoid future health problems that may impair our daily routine.

    Keep your body healthy at all times has never been so easy as with Propolis + Echinacea from Marnys, a supplement that regulates your respiratory system and strengthens your immune system.

    Propolis + Echinacea from Marnys is a nutritional supplement that will help you reinforce all the defenses of your immune system, since each capsule provides your body with 10% galantine (an ingredient that offers a large amount of antioxidant activity), and also all the properties of the plant Echinacea Purpurea, which is a medicinal plant used long since to treat infections and imbalances or disorders in the immune system.

    Now it is much easier to keep our body protected from possible infections caused by viral diseases, because with these capsules the body will be protected in a very simple but effective way. Your immune system will always be active and will keep infections at bay, since by taking Propolis + Echinacea from Marnys, you will favor all the functions of the immune system, normalizing any inconvenience.

    When you take a capsule of Propolis + Echinacea from Marnys, you will be contributing to your body all the properties of purified propolis, all the power of a concentrate of Echinacea juice and the wonderful properties of wheat germ oil, which will keep you fully protected and active every day, preventing viral infections and in turn alleviating problems of throat irritation, normalizing and protecting the entire throat area, in case of conditions.

    Facts of Propolis + Echinacea from Marnys:

    • Excellent natural antioxidant.
    • Strengthens all the defenses of the immune system to prevent getting infected with viruses that attack such important system of the body.
    • Every capsule contains wheat germ oil, echinacea juice concentrate and purified propolis.
    • Formula made up of all-natural ingredients.
    • Does not cause any side effects on health.
    • Presentation in capsules.
    • Relieves and protects the throat in the case of conditions such as infections or irritations.
    • Attacks conditions associated with itching and irritation of the throat.
    • Acts effectively against problems related to the appearance of mucus (fluid nasal secretion) or catching a cold.

    Enjoy fully your life and good health at all times with just the addition of these effective capsules to your daily diet, and forget about viral infections thanks to this wonderful supplement that takes care of your health, strengthening your immune system and bringing the wonderful power of natural antioxidants. Regulate your respiratory system and manage to do all the physical activities that you set out, these benefits and many more you can get by taking these incredible capsules.

    Recommended use: as a dietary supplement, take one (1) capsule of Propolis + Echinacea from Marnys a day, before breakfast, to keep your body protected and start your daily routine on the right foot.

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